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Sentinel Tank can't hold aggro

Yet another post about sentinel aggro :(

Clearly something isn't working working properly. As an endgame tank, I can't consistently hold aggro.

Prior to the combat rework, by capping all offensive and defensive stats, Sentinel was a viable tank as long as you played it properly. It was the worst tank, but it could do any content as long as you knew how to work around the problems of the class. I am no longer able to consistently hold aggro in endgame content. A tank that can't hold aggro is a tank that might as well not be there.

With the previous combat system, I always found it funny that in order to be an effective tank, you needed to cap your offensive stats, but unfortunately that is the way threat was designed so that is the way tanks built themselves up. With this combat rework, the one thing I was looking forward to was that as a tank, I wouldn't have to focus on raising my offensive stats. One of the stated goals of the rework was that you wouldn't be able to cap all your stats.

By playing as a tank, all I should have to do is focus on ensuring I can be tanky and my powers should be enough to hold aggro regardless of my offensive capabilites. I'm a tank, not a dps. If my tank did 0 damage, as long as it could hold aggro and stay alive, I'd be satisfied because it was doing what a tank is supposed to do.

To the best of my ability, I am using the tools I have available to try and play a tank. Unfortunately, it isn't enough. Aggro is a big problem and there isn't much I can do to address this problem from my end.

Here is my build:

Here are my stats in combat:

Here are my powers:

Now I could swap out my defensive stats for offensive stats, but at that point I'm just a weak dps that has slightly higher defensive stats.

If this isn't some kind of bug, I would like a dev to tell me how I'm supposed to effectively play my tank. To not only stay alive, but to hold aggro without losing it because currently, I am at a loss.

Refer to this post if you want to see all the problems with sentinel tank:


  • sicaria#1953 sicaria Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    I feel u Mal... I was proud to be one of the few tanks that didn't lose aggro... now I can't smite enough. Aggro is a big issue for us now :(
    I have similar build as Mal and have the same issue... before combat changes, I used to have a lot of power and crit severity to hold my aggro... even then was hard. Now is impossible.

    NOTE: these stats are out of combat (and before the ring fix)
  • burnfin01#3796 burnfin01 Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    Thats because they CANT bloody leave things alone.
  • francoefrancoe Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    Hello! Lucia GF here. I have the same problem unfortunately. Aggro is very unstable and I can't really go up any more offensive caps.

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