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fuxion#7775 fuxion Member Posts: 286 Arc User
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Hi Guys

Please can you fix this - PVP has become Toad vs Tunnel Vision vs Divine Intervention vs etc etc

It has nothing to do with skill anymore which is sad and these mount powers are just to OP in pvp as they oneshot 90% of the time and its worse for some classes than others

Please can we just get this sorted out asap please ?

Nerf the mount powers like Toad tongue lash and Tunnel Vision & Divine Intervention Mount powers by 80% or just remove from pvp would be best option tbh

I mean this has and is just really spoiling pvp atm cause no skills are required anymore to kill and thats what pvp is about

Fix match making system please : Implement minimum ITEM LVL for pvp - make 4 brackets + with better rewards for higher levels (best way really to fix pvp for now so everyone can compete) ... its pug roulette atm whoever gets pug looses - Not fair

Fix Whisperknife damage (its just ridiculous damage from Stealth ! - No other class can SURPRISE ROTATE and kill a 100k defense tank and any class other than Whisperknife Rogue ...did i say from stealth ? i mean common guys really ?? - PVP should be about skill not toads vs toads and suprise oneshot kills tht come from amd outta nowhere ?? i mean the highest damage you should at least see coming ?????????? seriously
i would suggest to go back to the class setups that represent more the way rogues functioned pre-mod16 , they aint that fun to play atm even though horribly broken.

i mean theres alotta other changes required but these are major and all of the core pvp community agree on these major changes to at least make pvp fun again and skill based

PLEASE PLEASE Please can we just have this ... i mean pvp doesnt get the attention it needs in general and for years its been a sad sad story for such a great combat system so we dont even ask anymore

If we get this at least there will be some balance faith restored

a new PVP map in a Chult temple/jungle will be nice :) bring the drums and ancient fires !

a Humble Ask .... Please :)
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  • ashbury#6333 ashbury Member Posts: 66 Arc User
    Yes, I'd agree a nerf is in order for the road and TV in PvP. No one wants to get one shotted repeatedly. I usually do 100+ matches a season but not now. I heard they were going to nerf them so I guess I'll wait and see. Fingers crossed.
  • fuxion#7775 fuxion Member Posts: 286 Arc User

    Yes, I'd agree a nerf is in order for the road and TV in PvP. No one wants to get one shotted repeatedly. I usually do 100+ matches a season but not now. I heard they were going to nerf them so I guess I'll wait and see. Fingers crossed.

    Thx ashbury :) has the nerf been confirmed ...any dates ? cause im sure there are many like you tht just dont wanna participate when its such a mess

  • trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,130 Arc User
    edited December 2020
    An item level restriction should have been added to PVP a long time ago. I'm not sure if the que would retain enough players to get pops if we added one now that the population dropped this much. Its still possible we would still be getting enough pops if this was added now, but is less likely when you consider cryptic is unlikely to fix enough at once to attract enough people back at same time as this change.

    Very Late Edit:
    An item level change could actually be done right now without killing PVP. We wouldn't be able to set it as high as would be ideal but we can set it to the point a PVP toon becomes somewhat useful, I see a lot of toons in purple gear and around 380k HP that would be enough to keep ques popping regularly. The blue and green gear guys need to go.

    The damage dealing mount powers really need a nerf too, it sounds like we will be getting one next mod but no specific date yet. Its also not likely to be a nerf tailored to PVP though, it sounds like devs going to adjust magnitudes in general and these changes will be oriented more towards PVE.
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  • fuxion#7775 fuxion Member Posts: 286 Arc User

    Something needs to be done about the rouges. All it takes is one Invisible super rogue to ruin a match. These TRs are invisible for %90 of any match. Which means they CAN NOT be targeted for 90% of any match and on top of that they have Super Dodge, Super fast recharge, and one or two shot everyone. Its time cryptic puts an end to this BS and stop letting rogues just do whatever they want.

    absolutely agree !!!

    i mean i accept class balancing wont ever be perfect but i mean Whisperknife is so overpowered its spoiling pvp for many who has paid or grinded for months even years to be able to get a toon to a competitive level ..its not fair really , i just dont get it i wonder how whoever is responsible for this and not doing anything to fix it will feel if he works for years to get the car or motorbike he wanted and then first corner the wheels fall off ?? would he be happy ? well its like tht for many who dont deserve it .. all we ask is fair pvp

    i really hope they will fix it soon , i heard roniki said they might but idk for sure ... we dont get much feedback on our posts or if there is feedback on these things im not sure where it gets posted ..i wish oneday they would reply here so we can atleast know.

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