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Transmog and weapon skins

I got a question for The devs when are you guys going to come out with transmogs and weapon skins on the Zen Market I ask this question because there's an item that I've been trying to get for a very long time that's still in the game it's just nobody's playing it no more and I was wondering if you guys have actually thought about putting transmogs and weapon skins on this end Market with all the other stuff you guys have people buying I'm wondering why you haven't added that option you know like I'm just saying the lion's mane gear from the stronghold you can no longer get just because nobody's playing that part of the game no more it's deemed useless so there's an outfit that's gone you know you got all the old school dungeons that had great looking outfits that you guys took out of the game and I'm wondering how come you guys haven't thought about bringing that back because having the option to build your character and make it look unique and different from other ones is a big part of this game believe it or not people spend millions of AD trying to get the old school items off of the auction house like I'm just saying the ice troll Warhammer the Reaver pack blade those items are being posted for hundreds of Millions of a d on the auction house and I'm just wondering when are you guys going to come out with that option because I would definitely be signing up and paying for certain items that are no longer being able to get in the game from just playing the game


  • stroud#6468 stroud Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    I left a similar comment it does make the game unique when everybody has the same thing on it makes the game doll and boring they’re already putting some of the really good stuff you can get on the trade House Where nine months ago I had to grind my <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> off for it but now you can just buy it since we can buy all that why can’t we buy some simple transmutes
  • propulsionpropulsion Member Posts: 59 Arc User
    we don't need weapon skins...since we have appearance gear on currency vendors we can buy to change the look of whatever weapon/armor and most of them have the free appearance change stat when you buy them so they will not add your idea to the game since it's pointless and makes no sense to have it in-game since we already have this feature
  • froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 583 Arc User
    Reading the above posts I wonder if English is your first language. The lack of punctuation makes the posts difficult to decipher. I think the first poster is asking for transmutes to be added to the Zen market. This would be welcome for some items which are no longer in the game.

    If OP wants the weapon from the stronghold vendor, then that is still available. Just level masterwork professions and make it. Alternatively, contact a masterwork group and offer to buy one with astral diamonds or trade other stuff for it.

    I believe the second poster does not want everyone to have the same gear. And is upset at the potential of players purchasing something they had to grind for.

    I think the third poster interpreted the previous posts different from me.

    My opinion is to make transmutes available in the Zen market. I don’t care if someone had to grind for the look or paid for it, devs gotta eat too.
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