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"Avernus Hunt Rewards" feedback

the1truehunterthe1truehunter Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 211 Arc User
On today`s update we ve got some nice fixes along with some adjustements that has been made in certain areas that in my opinion won`t change too much from my previous experience regarding Hunts in Avernus. And I am talking mainly about the process of gathering the reagents and the way system works around rng on top of rng. The grind behind the system feels painful from my personal experience and let me explain why.

In first of all the fact that you have to fight tier 1 mobs to gather reagents to make t1 lure, make a t1 lure, fight a t1 lure for a small chance of a piece of equipment and t2 reagent, trying to get two different kind of t2 reagents in order to make a tier 3 lure, try to convice some friends or random ppl to help you beat the t3 lure for a low change to get a piece of equipment having a bonus like (The item "Blessed Arms of the Living Fire" has had its perk adjusted as follows: it now grants 200 (up from 75) power for every 1% of hit points missing.) is is simply tedious, painful and not rewarding at all for the time spent. It is nothing fun beating layers of mobs around avernus each time trying to obtain a tier 3 hunt lure and fail in getting one of these equipment pieces. Do not mention that we are not currently able to get t4 hunt reagents from t3 lures with is kinda dissapointing. I mean I personally don`t see the point where we have to wait to get a reagent spown instead of having just the actual npc locked until we can exchange t4 reagents for a t4 lure.

Secondly, as an endgamer veteran player I see the process failing everytime where the studio waste time developing and coding irrelevant bonuses that none of those players who are able to finish the endgame content will ever use any of these pieces for their bonuses but maybe for the appearance purposes only. So in my opinion there could be items just for appearance purposes and items that have relevant bonuses , even set bonuses to use.

I have experienced alot with these kind of systems in different games. The best experience I had and I would like to have it in Neverwinter aswell, it is the scenario where you have to easily gain the reagents to make tier 1/2/3/4 lures but the difficulty of bosses would be faily harder to beat. The current system takes all the energy from the player giving less satisfaction in actual fight due to the process and low expectation on rewards.

"Why I would bother to grind and fight if I have a very low chance of getting one of these items with useless bonuses". As the time goes by the systems will get obsolete and you ll have to find a way to make them interesting for newer players that will come across and deal with the mess" Why instead of fixing later, you are not doing it right now? I am now alive and this is the time I gave up doing something else to play your product and spend my money on and I expect to have a minimum satisfaction while I am doing this. Otherwise what is the reason, right?

A player.


  • zyronaxzyronax Member Posts: 153 Arc User
    edited October 2020
    Just wait as more players come to realize they'll need upgrade reagents for their season pass weapon set from Avernus hunts.....BiS truly end-game players have struggled to bring down t3 hunts. How on earth are the more regular casual/non-BiS players supposed to do it?

    To those who know how to play ToMM, that run is easier (once learned which does admittedly take weeks/months to learn,) and offers an on-par or even superior weapon set. Yet ToMM and Zariel's are also well beyond the realistic ability of the vast majority of the player base.

    All this planning, design, programming, and implementation for content most of the remaining player base won't even get to see nor experience (much less succeed at,) until years in the future, if it's nerfed, and possibly not even then given the mechanics-heavy nature of ToMM and Zariel's. What a waste, and so are these ridiculously poorly difficulty- balanced and RNG-obsessed Avernus hunts. Cryptic has learned nothing from the success that was Barovia hunts, and instead has regressed back to the utter <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> Chult hunts.
  • darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,118 Arc User
    I can live with the actual system to obtain materials, it gives low geared players a chance to farm and sell the materials.

    But I would like a system where you can craft t1/t2/t3/t4 lures from this materials. Why I have to fight lots of bosses to have luck to fight the boss I really want to fight?

    Is so hard to put the best items in hardest bosses but making the access to them less painfull?. You can even put the same items (bonuses) in all the tiers but with less stats... so each player can fight the tier they want / can.

    Is ok to have rng in the last boss, like when you want an item from a dungeon. But this system is very frustrating.
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  • the1truehunterthe1truehunter Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 211 Arc User
    I have already gived up not only on hunts but also on Reedemed Citadel milestone III. Doing the same grind 4 times it is simply crazy. And the fact that everything spins around rng it is an obvious behaivor that lead people to pay, not to play. I really had a hope when they first announced a new Executive producer, but I came up to the conclusion that nothing changed except the monetization. There are more offers, hypes in the Zen Market, we this "premium loot" trash that is another rng layer with jerky odds. I became frustrated on the fact that I`ve spent alot of time hoping for better from a game I`ve used to love. No longer.
  • indro100indro100 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 67 Arc User
    To farm those core chains it is a pain, people just camping them, why not say you can get 5 cores each player so everyone has a change and yes the drop rate is just way too low.... farming almost 25 manes and dont get anything is frustrated, from start I have been able to just get a few chains, so the campers get all the luck and then the prices now in the AH for the Demon Remains... how can you let that happen ?? For the lower based players it is not even close to get them, they must put a normal AH price to it by the system.... I really thought Cryptic learned from his players / costumers but after coming back after so many years I see nothing has changed... so sad.
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