Thoughts on Mastercrafting

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Mastercrafting has become obsolete in its current form, and crafters are looking forward to the improvements that are being planned. One feature you might consider is the creation of custom armour/rings/weapons. Rather than choose from a preset group of recipes, allow some mixing and matching of item capabilities. That way crafters can sculpt truly custom items to fulfill specific needs.

So I would choose to build an epic ring. There is a set of standard capabilities (5000 power, 20,000 HP, for example). Then choose one or two specific boosts, (2000 Critical Strike, 2000 Armour Pen) and add a specific equip power, like Butcher's Might, Sniper's Perk.

The alternative to achieve the same end is to preset dozens of recipes to represent all of the possible desired combinations.

Still love this game after all the years and changes. Thanks for all the fun.


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    Idea itself is pretty cool, but there are some concerns.

    Like, for example, for rings it's mostly irrelevant, but weapons and armor should have specific looks for them. By that I mean in-game model and texture. Technically they can share the same looks as other gear pieces and that is one option, but not everyone is gonna be happy about it. Other option is to add preset look for gear, but that would require a lot more effort, because there are lots of models in game.

    Other thing, making truly custom items would require a LOT of checking. For possible combinations of stats, equip bonuses and related bugs. Not to mention it would be hard/tricky to determine how to set item level for those items.

    And one more thing, that would make crafting pretty much BiS for any gear piece. Just get custom weapon, armor, shirt, pants, rings, neck, belt and there is no need to run dungeons for it. Since u can just add specific bonus to specific gear piece, why bother running content to get better gear?

    So, for me, idea is nice. But I don't think it would happen anytime soon since it's a lot of work.
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    Masterwork needed pieces from dungeons, besides the nodes items. I think this thing itself gave a reason for running content.
    What could look cool, was to be able to add some extra effects on gear by crafting different things from different content. For example adding fire/ explosion effects with drops from demonic areas or ice/slow effects from IWD or Stormwind Thunder areas.

    Another way to make MasterWork cool and need to run dungeons, could be that drops from bosses could get easier better enchantments in comparison to similar crafted from scratch items.

    The form thing though is already implemented via the appearence tab.
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    Another way to make MasterWork cool and need to run dungeons, could be that drops from bosses could get easier better enchantments in comparison to similar crafted from scratch items.

    If items from bosses would be easier to get and better. Masterwork would be pointless. Like why would you pay for a crafted item when you can get one for free from a boss? Heck why not just make armor modular instead. As in you get an armor piece, then you add crafted modules to it. Ranging from Blue all the way to Mythinc (Mastercrafted). Modules could include whatever, new effects, different looks, upgraded stats or even another stat. That way both the item drop and the crafter is required.
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    Well, they could for example have made the new mount collars craftable - that would have given Crafting a whole new reason to exist.

    Or, they could have done something like this:
    Hoping for improvements...
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    To fix masterwork,
    Allow via it to craft and compile armour set with extra effects..

    As example

    IF you use one part it gives one effect if using all set grants more. :)

    The point is allow to players craft MW parts without extra effect, then use them to compile set with decent over all effects.

    Some old timers who played prior mod 6, can remember legacy gear sets.. Even heck Drow gear had nice effects.

    Let current armour with bonus effects remain in loot from hunts, while crafting armour be for such set compilations. :)
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