The Runestead

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I have 2 characters that can access the runestead in SOMI. I have ventured a 3rd character there. I did the quest that brings Serissa to SOMI, but she doesn't have the mission for me. Is there some prerequisite to get that quest? It's been a long time since I unlocked it on my other 2 characters so I just don't remember.


  • hannibalsmith#0854
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    At some point Serissa should give you the quest "Royal Allies", the first Runestead run. I believe it has to do with your progression in the SKT campaign but can't say for sure which Campaign Task unlocks it. Or you might need a certain level of "Reputation" (or whatever it was called in that campaign).
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    I bought out skt on all but my 1st character and have only just unlocked the runestead on my newest character. I just had to progress through the quest paths to eventually unlock it.
    If you go to neverwinter wiki you can type in the name of many quests and it will show any prerequisite for the quest in the box on the right. You sometimes have to keep searching for each prerequisite quest until you get to a quest that you have. Unfortunately the runestead does not seem to be there, but it is good for most quests in the game.