[PC][mod19] blades of vanquished armies

tigross4ever#2241 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
Why do my blades suddenly go to a target party player. How am I supposed to DPS if I cannot depend on where my encounter power hits. I want my blades on me, so if I am surrounded it`s a HIT on everything around me. Now if I hit blades and was facing a healer that is a bit away and behind the enemy suddenly the blades are on him.


  • rev#7881
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    they are targetable now, if your cursor is anywhere near another player it will go on him but even that is bugged so sometimes will stay on you and other wont
  • giz#2086
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    I don't like the new BoVA target mechanics, i'm a DPS, i don't care about give a damage resistance buff to a party member or a tank. The power should be for the Warlock. It's a big part of our damage, i need to be able to manage the power's targeting. It's a shame what they did, our support path is Soulweaver, all support powers should be only for them.
  • tigross4ever#2241
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    I agree, why am I as a dps buffing others? If I want to play support/buffer I`ll switch characters. This is a major let down. Seems like future plans have warlocks only as support in mind.
  • mongol69
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    Bova has issues now. If targets are not within range when cast it does no damage to any targets that enter or you aproach, only on add with initial hit. If target has crit avoidance then it will not crit, and targeting needs to be turned off as a static option or remove targeting completely.

    If the target sits pretty inside its range m while you stare into the sky, then I guess its ok, but I would still prefer it to be reverted back to before mod 16 and add the additional damage on cursed target and magnitude adjusted to be inline with live magnitude.

    New changes just removed incentive for me to use it altogether now as it is.
  • zebulondaktoid
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    Prior to this mod I had an issue sometimes where it was impossible to activate BOVA until I either changed maps, went to the character selection screen or died. At least that seems to have been sorted this mod. Targeting another player by accident is a real pain though since BOVA is a huge source of procs and using it on anyone but yourself seems like a massive waste of a spell. I can see that it might have some very limited use in certain situations, but I don't think it is worth the hassle overall when so many people are having trouble targeting it.