Unnerf Tactical Enchantments

A lot of people have spent millions of AD on tactical enchantments. Make the nerf null and void so we can use our Rusted Iron Leggings for end game content. If you want to make the game harder with harder enemies fine. But leave the tactical enchantments alone.


  • akta#9913
    akta#9913 Member Posts: 93 Arc User
    2 percent is too high still. It should probably be around 1/5th % that way with five rank 15s you get 1%.
  • the1truehunter
    the1truehunter Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 211 Arc User
    With the new healing formula you won t have any problems wearing iron boots as long as you have with 25k more hp. And the fact that new CON formula gives you more hp it it even easyer to push your hp up. If the update is not made yet on ps4/xbox it will be in the future weeks. Regarding Tacticals these are still bis for tanks and now it is easyer for dps to use darks to push up their statuses. It is just psychological nerf for people that don`t understand how new healing formula works.
  • joe7777
    joe7777 Member Posts: 509 Arc User
    I still use Rusted Iron Leggings but I traded my Tacticals for Darks.
  • ltsmithneko
    ltsmithneko Member Posts: 1,578 Arc User
    IH just isn't worth bothering with : P