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Castle Ravenloft: Strahd and the Sunsword

rhaiyukhildarerhaiyukhildare Member Posts: 7 Arc User
After understanding the mechanics of the battle, my team and I reached the point to where Strahd gives a speech, followed by the Sunsword speaking of "Hold me up...", but the Sunsword is never fully powered due to unavoidable damage that drains action points, preventing the bearer from using the weapon at the appropriate time. This element in the battle is unfair and needs to be changed so the bearer of the Sunsword does not take action point reduction from damage during the encounter. To the game staff, please remedy this problem. Otherwise, the players have no chance of success whatsoever...
"Feras... Feras... Feras! Ferasans, HOOOOOO!"


  • carloswartune#5709 carloswartune Member Posts: 235 Arc User
    One of the main mechanics to be aware of is where Strahd says "Try me!" or something like that and assumes a "defiant" posture raising his sword. When he does that, everyone should stop attacking immediately. If someone attacks him while he is doing that, he will deal a big hit and much of the Sunsword charge will be drained. If nobody attacks, it won't happen and you won't have to worry about the charge.
  • gonzakotwigonzakotwi Member Posts: 267 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    Sunsword charge drains bc of party deaths, all damage can be avoided, red balls always have a safe spot if you look well (we used to resist ball damage that cant be done anymore except endgame parties). Strahd lunge always has 2 crosses at 90 degrees. Arrows in a player is a bat swarm, that player must move to a column (it warns this attack by the line "leave no bone unpicked"). Like said above when it says "try me" dont try him =D. And when you go up to throw daily, wait 1 sec after the sword stops speaking to throw daily.
    Another practice to reduce damage is stack the sword before entering, each party member grabs the sword and drops it and you get 5 stacks of a buff of damage and resistance
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