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Will we ever see new areas like Evermeet or Blackstaff Tower?

Hello! I hope that this finds whomever is reading this question well. :)
First time posting in the forums-- I'm afraid I'm a bit of a "shadow" usually when it comes to interacting on a BBS.
Even on the internet I'm afraid I'm a bit shy about interacting with people I don't know well,
but I've really been wanting to ask this for awhile now.
If for some reason this question is needed to be taken down, I understand. ^.^'

Ever since I saw that the travel areas included Waterdeep, I was thrilled and immensely delighted,
as it has always been one if not my most favorite city to read about when I first became interested in D&D
( It also is a regular place for my gaming group to meet up on D&D night. :) )
The initial stories I read that hold a special place in my childhood are in fact the Harper Tales and the book of "Evermeet" by
Forgotten Realm's author Elaine Cunningham.
When I saw that the game developers had included not only the Underdark, but also so many Harper NPC's, I could not help but feel
a faint glimmer of a question form in the back of my mind about what the future might hold if a player wanted to delve more into
the Harper's if there ever became a large quest for them-- and I could not help but fancy the idea that maybe by chance it could be
possible that the game might involve bringing in new areas like the Island of Elves or other places.
In theory, I know Evermeet would probably be an area higher-up players would have the best likely chance of getting to, because in
the D&D manuals alone it is a *beast* of a place to travel to. But I think it would be a wonderful challenge, and the idea of what the Graphics and art Designers who have dedicated so much time to
this wonderful game in all its forms intrigues me. Would this be possible in the future if the game continues to expand?

Thank you for your time, and thank you for listening. <3

Best Answer

  • rickcase276rickcase276 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,387 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    With the next new mod not coming out until January at the earliest, we will be in Hell/Avernus until then. Mod 20 will probably depend on what WoTC may have released by then or maybe even a totally in-house idea. Time will tell on that. Personally I would love to visit Myth Drannor, but that is just me.


  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,309 Arc User
    Waterdeep = The Yawning Portal
    I'm not looking for forgiveness, and I'm way past asking permission. Earth just lost her best defender, so we're here to fight. And if you want to stand in our way, we'll fight you too.
  • br0k3nd011#5880 br0k3nd011 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited July 2020

    The game has gone to hell, quite literally.
    Don't expect anything else for the next year or two.

    I'm sorry redhawk321, but besides the pun referencing the Netherworld- themed campaigns,
    I'm not sure what you mean by this...?
    Is there some sort of issue the game developers are having?

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