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Soulweaver in Mod19.

shugenshashugensha Member Posts: 139 Arc User
So, since i didn't saw any post about it i will do it so you know what to expect if you are not in the preview server.
First, yes, looks like the murdered us. Again.
Second, english not my main language so i apologize for typos.

1)Soul reconstruction: 250 healing mag. 40 soulweave.
2) Infernal barrier: Put a shield on you or someone else by the value of a heal of 450 mag. Last 20 seconds. 30 soulweave.

1) Vampiric Embrace now heals the party for 300 mag and cost 200 soulweave (like divinity) and does 275 mag dmg. The cleanse is now here.
2) BoVa: Redices the dmg taken of you or a party member by only 5%, last 6 seconds and do 100 mag dmg. Cooldown 14.9 (in my case).
The next ones are from the soulweaver only.
3) Revitalize (former Shatter Spark) its the aoe instant heal for 800 mag.. Which decrease the more ppl you target. Cost 100 soulweave.
4) PoP: Increased dmg and outgoing healing by 5%, dmg taken reduction by 5%, for all the party. Last 10 seconds. 24 seconds of cooldown.
5) Wraith's Shadow: Decrease dmg dealt by the target by 5%, 380 mag dmg and add slow, last 6 seconds, 20 seconds cooldown.
6) Soulstorm (former horrowstorm): 500 heal mag, last 6 seconds and cost 220 soulweave. Its almost invisible and you can only place one at the time.
7) Warlocks bargain: Absorbs your Lifespark to give you some soulweave and 10% outgoing healing, last 10 seconds and have a 28 seconds cooldown.

New tab: Tap it to mark someone or youtself. Press it to heal the target for 1000 mag at the cost of 60 soulweave.
New..."thing"... A zelda fairy looking orb (Lifespark) that follows you and heals you or your team every 3 seconds by 100 mag. Feats can give a extra effect.

Class feature:
Soulbound: If an ally is at least at 30' close to you and have 50% or less health, will get a heal of 300 mag. Can only happen once every 10 seconds.
Souleater: Waste your soulweave to deal necrotic dmg of 20 mag with your attacks.
Swift Command: Let you move while you channel the new Tab.
Borrowed Spirit: give you 50 soulweave every time other healer heals you. Can only happen once every 10 seconds.

Tier 1:
1) Essence of time: increase soulweave regen every 3 seconds and can stack 4 times. Reset when you use a power that use soulweave.
2) Essence of power: If you attack an enemie, your soulweave regen increase. Last 6 seconds.

Tier 2:
1) Focuse Spark: Will make that the Lifespark focus on healing someone that is being healed with Soul Reconstruction. Increase the healing of the Lifespark by 100 mag and won't heal anyone else while you are using Soul Reconstruction on your target.
2) Soul Reclamation: If your soulweave drops to 30% or below, the lifepsark will focus on you to increase you regen. Wont heal party members while doing this.

Tier 3:
1) Oversoul: up to 10% extra dmg if your soulweave is full. Decrease as your soulweave goes down.
2) Soultheft: Whenever you are struck, you gain 25 soulweave. Can happen once every 10 seconds.

Tier 4:
1) Bright Spark: Using a daily power, wil make your Lifespark to increas its healing by 300 mag. Last 12 seconds.
2) From the brink: healing allies with 25% or less of their hp, the healing is increased 15%.

Tier 5:
1) Feypact: Revitalize, Soulstorm and Inspirit (Lifespark) gives a heal over time. Revitalize 225, Soulstorm 400 and Lifespark 50.
2) Hellpact: Revitalize, Soulstorm and Inspirit (Lifespark) gives a shield by the value of half the heal.

Now, the shields override the ones of the pallies. And even override yours.
Revitalize its just useless. If you need to heal one person just tag it with Tab and heal it for more mag and less cost. If there are 2 or more persons, just use Soulstorm.
PoP have a really long CD and give really low buffs (and most ppl don't even stand on it so..).
Warlocks Bargain its a bad bargain imo, 10 seconds without that orb can be bad in the next mod. And no heal.
Wraith's Shadow is another big cd for a really small debuff.
Sadly, looks like only Soulstorm its worth from all those new encounters. So yeah, i would go Soulstorm and dps just to have some fun and feel useful for the team.

In at-wills i would go infernal barrier and a dps one.

Class Features i feel only Soulbound is worth using from the new ones.

Feats.. its sad to see them..
If you feel you will be spamming heals, go for Essence of power, Soul Reclamation, Oversoul (yes, its better than risk your life for some lame 25), From the brink and believe it or not, Feypact.
Why feypact? You have a better shield in your at-will, even tho its single target. And cuz if you end up in a trial with a pally, you won't get kicked.

Thats my prediction build tho, everyone have their own playstyle so im not forcing it into you or something. Also, with reaaaally some luck, this things might change a week or two after mod 19 hits live. Anyway, if you can think of a better build pls share it, we need to help eachother as much as we can.

With love, some Soulweaver.
Soulweaver: The Lovely Red


  • foxxy#4211 foxxy Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 547 Arc User
    I think a good build would be:

    At wills
    Eldrict blast
    Infernal barrier
    Vampiric embrace
    Pillar of power
    Accursed Souls and Soulpact/ the one with the lifespark
    Swift Command
    Essence of Power
    Soul Reclamation
    From the brink
  • kythelion#3210 kythelion Member Posts: 348 Arc User
    I think we're probably gonna want two loadouts, one for Feypact and one for Hellpact. This way you can have the shields if you're by yourself or not if you're with a Pally.

    I'm thinking something like this for feats
    Essence of Power: because there *should* be room for some attacking so yay soulweave
    Focus Spark: So, I don't honestly know how much I'm gonna use Soul Reconstruction, but I do know I'll be focusing on keeping my soulweave high. And I don't plan/want the lifespark thing to stop healing people. 100 mag is tiny, but it's a nice constant little tick to help out.
    Oversoul: Not really useful, but hey at least it's a little bit better than getting hit
    From the Brink: This is sort of an oh HAMSTER choice here because I'm not really sure how stuff is gonna go for a while. Once stuff settles down and I really get a feel for how things are going, this may change to Bright Spark. Ideally, people won't get that low very often so it'll be an easy change. Just have to see.
    Pact: I'm probably gonna have a build for each.

    I do want to experiment with Bright Spark. From the Brink is gonna be a better starter feat for me I think to give me a little safety net, but I hope it's not a necessary feat. I also think Bright Spark could be really good for a trial build where you coordinate phases, but I can't actually get into trials to try it on Preview because I just have baby toons over there. ^_^

    I'm thinking for powers: Infernal Barrier (Soul Reconstruction if there's a Pallyheal), Eldritch, Vampiric Embrace, PoP, and Soulstorm/Attack for the last spot. Soulstorm if I feel like I'll really need two heals, and an attack if I don't. VE feels like a slightly better choice for my "main" heal since I don't have to try to herd people to stand in it, but we'll see. It could swap places with Soulstorm if I can train more people to stand in a HAMSTERing circle. Actually, it really might since I'l kinda want them to stand in PoP anyway. It feels like a pretty good setup to me just tinkering, but it'll take a few days of experimentation on live with real groups to get a good feel for it.

  • shugenshashugensha Member Posts: 139 Arc User
    I feel that even with a pally on the team you could use Infernal Barrier as an emergencie shield if someone was out of reach.

    And i have the same problem, can't test it on preview but cuz don't have ppl to run with, so i test it by myself with pacs of mobs.
    Sadly, its true that most ppl can't stand in a damn green floor that buff them or heal even if their lifes depends on it, so i think they make BoVa that way cuz of them tbh..

    About Bright Spark, i didn't think about trials when i was reading it, so that was my bad. Also, there are some other changes that i forget to put and are the dailies:
    1) Soul Syphon deals 450 mag dmg AND heal you and the party for 800 mag. Radius 40'.
    2) Soul Barrier (fomer "immolation spirits" i think it was the name): The Lifespark summon a barrier and inside it the party takes 10% less dmg. Heal over time of 200 mag. Last 12 seconds. Gives a shield for amount of healing (not half as Hellpact). While the barrier is active, the Lifespark won't heal.
    3) Soul Pact is basically the same. 500 mag healing and 10% dmg res.

    But then again, i can't test it for real in preview so i don't have any proof of how good or bad it will be when it hits live, and theres still 2-3 more days until the launch so things might change again.
    Soulweaver: The Lovely Red

  • acrinicusacrinicus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 43 Arc User
    I'm trying to keep my reactions measured and give the dynamics time to play out, but there is one thing that is really troubling me with the soulweaver powers, and that is the absence of a synergistic at-will that actually allows us to do some damage.

    As a soulweaver healer, I want to heal. I also want to a have something to do aside from picking my rear as my soulweave is regenerating (which by the way, seems to take quite a bit of time) and encounters are taking 15-23 seconds to cool down. Historically, that thing would be spam Essence Defiler, but as it stands, Eldritch Blast is all I have, and it does nothing but deal a small bit of damage. It doesn't heal, regenerate soulweave, debuff, buff, or anything else useful to a group. Any damage I deal with Eldritch Blast is so negligible in comparison to the damage the dps characters in my party are dealing, that I might as well just stand there and pick away for all it's worth.

    The lack of an Essence Defiler replacement is immediately felt.

    Perhaps the devs have a vision where soulweavers simply don't use at-wills much at all?
  • shugenshashugensha Member Posts: 139 Arc User
    I've been using it in different scenarios today, like LoMM, Codg, Tong, Etos, Tiamat, BHEs and so.
    And i can tell you that the problem is not that its a new different soulweaver, its as you say "absence of synergy", but not only of at-wills.
    They gave us Eldrich Blast so we can solo content a little, can't see other reason for it so i just go with the two Soulweaver at-wills when in a group. But the main problem comes from every single encounter.
    From the generic ones only two are good for solo and only cuz they give you survivavilty.
    Now, here comes the thing:
    Revitalize its trash unless you have 180k+ power, and even then it might be questionable.
    Soulstorm its just...ok... Might be the power i most use and only cuz i see i get Qs with melees.
    PoP its sad. Wraith's Shadow its bad and Warlocks Bargain its really useless imo.

    They got rid of Life Bind, Curses and Warding Curse, which was a good way to help the team survive in an active way. It was pure synergy. That + Shatter Spark was perfect. But now, the closest to Shatter Spark its Vampiric Embrace (that also needs lots of power to be really efective), which needs a target and cost nearly as Soulstorm. And the closes to "synergy" its the Lifespark.

    I wish they for once rework the warlock around the Pillar Of Power, like making it an active power with synergice with the other powers. That way we would have more choices. And also rework the feats, i don't feel like waiting 3 seconds for extra regen its acutally doing something, and that hitting isn't recharging it faster, it just gave that impresion cuz you only are doing something.

    And i hope they post their vision of us, so we can know what the heck do.
    Soulweaver: The Lovely Red

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