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Are the Devs reading the feedback?

abdalonangelabdalonangel Member Posts: 19 Arc User
I was wondering about it, we gave to them a lot of feedback, reported bugs and suggestions to improve all classes in game. But, rarely someone from them write something back or implement the ideas. For example, the class discussion feedback posts were created in 05/27. And the devs answered less than 5 times in GF discussion.


  • kythelion#3210 kythelion Member Posts: 348 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    Yes, SOMEONE reads it. They've said before that they try to read everything, and they'll post if they have time. Sometimes, they don't have time, and it falls to the community managers to read and curate feedback and bug reports for them because ultimately, as much as we want them talking to us, we need them to be doing their actual job, coding, even more. It's actually a no-win situation for them. If they don't talk to us, people get mad. There's not enough communication. On the other hand, if they spend too much time, then there's not enough to actually do fixes and build content. Then, they criticized for how horrible they do their job.
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