Stronghold's Cleric Wisdom working?

roadkill#6177 Member Posts: 534 Arc User
I've been considering purchasing this companion but due to the cost and my experience and awareness of numerous companion's not working, I asked around and was told that the Utility Power "Stronghold's Cleric Wisdom" which is supposed to grant a 10% bonus to Influence earned has not been working for several modules. Cemented my decision not to waste on the purchase.


  • akta#9913
    akta#9913 Member Posts: 93 Arc User
    Better to buy more character slots and run 2 or 3 influence heroics on each one. We do this with friends where 1 player brings their main and everyone else brings their little ones.
  • roadkill#6177
    roadkill#6177 Member Posts: 534 Arc User
    Found a player posting a Stronghold Cleric in the auction today and chatted with them. They said the 10% Bonus Influence works on Preview Server. Of course doesn't mean it works on live. So, wanted to add this at least and wondering if anyone could confirm whether it works on live or not.