Berserker's Might - stuck in combat state long after combat ended

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"Set Bonuses

Berserker's Might: This power no longer keeps players in combat long after they've defeated the enemies in the encounter."

No, it still does.


  • domino#8354
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    Hi newnickunregistered, thank for reporting this, I have confirmed this issue.
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  • rickcase276
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    I am wondering if it is the same bug that happened a few mods ago with anything that was causing a healing or deflecting effect that would keep you in combat. At the time they squashed most of them, but maybe new items caused them to resurface.
  • newnickunregistered
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    It seems possible, during the stuck-in-combat phase I see the effect icon constantly reappearing and disappearing in the buffs.
  • midila
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    Any idea when this bug is going to be fixed? Sounds like it has a long history going back almost a year. Currently it happens on Infernal Offering Helm. It does not happen every fight. I would say 20 to 30 percent of fights end with Berserker's Might flashing on and off and keeping you locked in combat long after combat is over.