Cannot switch loadouts

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My Paladin is stuck on a tank loadout and unable to switch to the heal loadout. I hear the sounds of switching, the bang and the swoosh, but no change.


  • akta#9913
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    I had to buy an extra loadout that i keep blank, this allows me to switch to the blank as an intermediate. My hang up was caused by companion bonuses
  • motu999#9953
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    usually the problem is with the companion or the mount tab.

    The following work-arounds exist:
    a) blank intermediate loadout as described by acta.

    If you do not have an extra blank loadout as intermediate, it can help to

    b) click the "apply [companions/mounts] to all loadouts"

    If you have many loadouts, b) might not be a good idea, because you then have to change all loadouts.

    Another option is:

    c) copy the loadout to a single other loadout (overwriting it)

    For c) you only need to manually restore one loadout.

    Finally you can

    d) manually remove stuff in the mount or companion tab, until you can switch loadouts again.

    If you are lucky, you need only a few changes using strategy d).
    But usually d) is more time-consuming than a) b) or c)
  • namelesshero347
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    The "apply to all" worked. Thanks