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roleplayingtvroleplayingtv Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 308 Arc User

▸BHE: 52:40
➥Greetings Adventurers! Let’s talk about the new dungeon arriving with the Infernal Descent module: The Infernal Citadel. As Neverwinter takes its first steps into Avernus we wanted to capture the chaotic nature and hellish vistas for the Infernal Citadel.

Players will travel to one of the floating devil citadels littering the skies above Avernus. Their bulky chains criss-crossing in a chaotic spider web of misery as they pull their victims down to hell. Several of these citadels have captured the Vallenhas family Stronghold. Through might or luck, adventurers need to make their way into these citadels to break the chains, offering some respite for the cursed family.

Breaching the gates of a devil citadel is no easy task. The demons had plans of their own, however, and are invading hell in a battle known as The Blood Wars. Wanting to win at any cost, the demons will offer a brief alliance to any who wish to cause destruction, or even simply a distraction, to the devils. Such a group of demons can be found by adventures at the gates of the Infernal Citadel, ready to grant additional power to those ready to fight, but can demons ever be trusted?

Besides the tricks and traps the devils have lying in wait, new powerful foes are ready to pounce on any fleshling who stumbles into their territory. A giant Bone Devil, complete with spines as sharp as spears and wings alongside its long claw tipped limbs which keep its movement unpredictable.

A pit fiend who can summon deadly pools of fire at will holds court inside the citadel. Don’t make the mistake of approaching him the same as any old devil, for Zaphael is one of the most powerful of his kind and will not take kindly to any mortal who thinks they are worthy of his challenge.

Even if players survive all of the deadly critters, traps, chaos, and fire, they will be forced to face off with the massive Hellfire engine up close in the caged death arena the devils use to entertain themselves with the poor unfortunate souls they capture. But don’t worry, you won’t be intimidated by the skeletons of the previous arena victims, as they’ve all burned up in the magma bubbling just below the grated floor.
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  • theetopher#1424 theetopher Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    I seem to have lost some mount insignia after update as well as i now have to again pay to change my character appearance.
  • lantern22lantern22 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,111 Arc User
    hardly any discussion about Mod 18
  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,971 Arc User
    lantern22 said:

    hardly any discussion about Mod 18

    People are busy with:
    1. login
    2. re-spec
    3. figure out what broken
    4. login
    5. login
    6. mourning about Legendary mount
    7. login
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  • pakatapoespakatapoes Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    I login run a couple of quests and It was the same things , for me its meh.
  • balufunkebalufunke Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 65 Arc User
    lantern22 said:

    hardly any discussion about Mod 18

    Not a lot to discuss besides bugs, it´s a boring mod for me, same old stuff.

    People in the internet (or mmo) don´t impress me much, but some in real life do!
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  • elsungaelsunga Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    I agree this is MEH mod.

    Small, reskinned and boring map. If this would be an entry Avernus map (and we would get one of two more bigger maps) it would be ok. But the current state is a joke. The story is boring. The design contradicts the whole ADD universe. Do devs actually know there is something called The Blood War? The week limitations of advancement sucks. The BHE sucks - do you people really enjoy run endlessly "ape" bhe? The "hidden" vendor is a fun for the first time, but running there everytime is a mess. Especially when devs are unable to remove any invisible obstacles and clean textures. I am really fed up of trying to jump up on few places due to messy work of world designers...
  • callumf#9018 callumf Member Posts: 1,618 Arc User
    Its a return to the old way of doing mods such as Chult.

    I quite like the dailies, but they are going to get soooooo boring when you've rescued those damn villagers a hundred times [or something]

    The weekly cap is ok for some, not for others.

    The Siege Engine BHE needs better rewards as its harder than the Ape.

    Zone chat spamming +ape is very tedious. [Remember River District and +ship?]

    The rng on the Juma boxes isn't fun.

    Getting to the Juma vendor is tedious at best, and pointless.

    The new armour stats [iL1225/1250] seems like a big boost which makes older stuff even more redundant [mostly]

    I would have loved to see something like the Barovian Hunts in this new MOD with party wide drops of the new armour.

    Its an ok at best mod - lots of shiny stuff hidden behind lots of grind and rng. No change there :)
  • alfared#9239 alfared Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    First i'll say...that even if it is basically a stronghold map...i give the environment A+...it really has the feel of demon underworld...for the rest....that APE thing is very disapointing to me....players with all the new gear a mod has to offer 1 day after launch....they could have at least put the APE a little further away....switch instance...turn right an race to get a piece of the APE...that is all that is going there....the map had potential...I WANT MORE MODS LIKE CHULT...the trophies...and all the fun that came with gathering what was needed to get your highly coveted new piece of equipment...HE for favors and the rest of it.....not this gimmicky way of getting gear....im left a little disapointed...had high hopes for this as i was told there was new leadership....so map designer deserves a raise....everyone else...especially the one who designed the missions and location of the HE should get canned...the mod literally GAVE away all it s best stuff in 1day....1 year before mod 19?...i dunno what will be the motivation to hang around!
  • b4t1b4tb4t1b4t Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    From watching the posted video I am confused as to why use same old maps and mobs? I mean isn't time for neverwinter to use all new zone maps each mod and new mobs to kill instead of the same old stuff? or perhaps I am just the only one that feels this way.
  • blargskullblargskull Member Posts: 513 Arc User
    b4t1b4t said:

    From watching the posted video I am confused as to why use same old maps and mobs? I mean isn't time for neverwinter to use all new zone maps each mod and new mobs to kill instead of the same old stuff? or perhaps I am just the only one that feels this way.

    They are Cryptic. They are well known for their reused maps and creatures. Back whenever mod 6 fell on this game Elemental Evil was 3 out of 4 reused maps. Spinward Rise was the new map. Since they just busted up a Stronghold and called it Avernus, I would say this makes Elemental Evil shine by that factor alone. I know they put a lot of effort into making a new module, but nowhere near as much as they have in the past. It is hard to judge, if Stardock or this map was the more difficult to create.

    What I am looking at; someone put more time in on the travel maps than really needed. Meaning they pretty much wasted their time redesigning something that didn't need the rework. The clutter is down but still look at the Underdark map, just one icon. I think there are six maps and most don't have enough icons to really be worth it. Will Avernus get more icons, will we be able to travel there all the time, and not some one and done quest?

    Just killing time...
  • alfared#9239 alfared Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    I think the re skins and re use maps are probably because of software limitations...that would be my guess...but there are maps that we barely know and use...all of those we blindly speed trough when we level up new toons....those are the maps you want to reuse....as oppose to criss crossing a stonghold map....just like we do with our guilds!
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