What's the point of making new content more unplayable?

So, playing a game based on interacting with the environment. If you can't "play it", because you are getting stunned (or in a broader terms, you constantly getting disrupted to avoid being stunned), knocked or pushed off ledges, that's not a game. Or at least a not good one. You literally just watching animations instead of playing, your character standing up or just standing in one place until the game lets you play it again.

Illithids stunned you, the Gish created an almost unsurviveable circle of fire that you are forced to run away and other giths just knocked you or pulled closer. I'd let it pass in the warden expeditions, because it's 2 expeditions only, even if we call it mod.

But now it's almost the same thing, some random attack knocks you, you get pushed into other mob groups or just down from ledges and look away from stun or just getting feared. and watch your character move away.

If we cannot knock or stun the bosses under any circumstances, why can we get stunned or knocked repeatedly, sometimes literally one after an other?

I don't say that stuns or knocks should not exist under any circumstances, but the last 2 mod was not about punishing players for mistakes, it's punishing for the sake of doing so. Like a Balor just pulls you closer because that's his attack, a Grabruzshaswersgs or whatever just pushes you without any trace and making the stunning eye attacks on pack mobs is just annoying. At least they can be killed or CC'd more easily in this mod.

But overall I think this game gets overboard with these uninteractive effects to the detriment of the playerbase.


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    This sounds like the Halaster set bonus won't be active much either if you can't ever stand still. Guess I'll cross that one off as a possibility.
    I tried using 40 % control resist and a rank 10 elven battle enchantment but it's like the only thing it affects is how long I lay on my back after a knock down. Control resist is too ineffective in my opinion and should be looked at.