Winter Bonus Rewards When Charging Zen (missing this year)

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First of all some history research. Last years we had rewards for payments during black friday sales:

2017: (started 22 Nov)!

2018: (started 20 Nov)

Today is 24 Nov


What do we have in 2019? m16 with a great scaling idea? A new class balance with 10+ seconds cooldown in an "action rpg game?

And now for your fans who made a dicision not to leave - to stay in the game and give your team a chance to fix it and help you with our online presence and our money invested in the game - you give such a slap in the face?

It looks like a message from developers "hey folks, we see that we made mistakes but we don't want to fix them - just give us more money"


Well thanks, great job!
Make Neverwinter's players willing to buy Zen great again!


  • bspally
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    Even 2016 had bonuses:
    "To really amp up the Black Friday weekend, let’s reintroduce charge rewards! When you charge Zen during this promotional time, you’ll receive reward points that can be used to purchase items from the rewards shop!"

    Make Neverwinter's players willing to buy Zen great again!
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    I was literally just about to post this same topic. So, is it confirmed that we aren't going to be getting any rewards this year? I've saved up for this event but, if there aren't any Winter Rewards this year, I'll spend my money on ESO instead. The late date and silence from Cryptic leads me to believe that this year is a complete bust. 30% BF sale and nix rewards... They aren't doing themselves any favors.
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    Either bonus ZEN or special bonus items - not both.

    In 2015 Neverwinter offered the same 15% Charge Bonus as their Neverwinter Holiday Promotion but then that was the same year they also offered 50% discount off of everything in the Zen Market during Cyber Monday.

    This year the Black Friday Sale is bonus Zen and no bonus items, the Zen bonus to be identical with every other Zen bonus during Zen during the course of the year so the bonus Zen amount seems pretty standard for sales that don't offer special items during Zen purchases.

    As for if PWE will allow better Zen Market discounts or special charge items for purchases of Zen within the next few weeks for Cyber Monday or sometime around the Simril (Winter Festival) Celebration, we shall see...
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    Looks like this is the year of coal. But it's not the first move in the wrong direction they took this year......
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    Let's not be hasty. Maybe they think we enjoy diminishing returns...