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An idea for the future mod style

So I've been thinking (dangerous I know) and I think that what everyone who is upset with the current status of the game are all lacking is a decent mod with alot of content.
What I'm saying is I think that perfect world/arc needs to stop releasing subpar mods every few months and maybe take a full year to produce an actual story line where in we get like 4 campaigns worth of game play that culminates into an actual end game dungeon. They could gate certain parts behind a timed unlock like they have done with previous mods/dailies.
There is ALOT of lore they can draw from: Have jarlaxle take us into the underdark visiting places like menzobarrenzen and the illithids hive mind cities for one campaign. Have Drizzt and company fight to save gauntlgrym from the drow and demons(the current storyline from the books). Those 2 campaigns could tie in together and after some progression one unlocks the other or something like that. And each campaign could have a new dungeon and or skirmish to unlock either at or near the end. Then on the otherside once you are nearly done with those 2 then bring elminster into the fold with another campaign running through the dalelands and possibly bring in the shade enclave or another storyline /area that progresses the same way all leading up to an ultimate boss, bad guy, or dungeon.
I think that if they took a year to produce this then moving forward from that have a yearly mod release in the same manner it would be easy to concentrate on the events breathing new life into them with rewards actually worth farming for. Release some epic mounts that you have to farm the event for and maybe some viable gear/transmutes. Hell throw in an artifact set that is viable for all or in certain situations. These events could have the current quarterly updates packaged in them to improve quality of life or class fixes. At that point arc would potentially make even more $$ off of their player base because I'd be happy to(as I'm sure others who now refuse to) drop some cash at mod release to get needed items or services. They could even add in some cash grabs for each event to sustain income throughout the year.
I don't know... I just think that part of the problem is that there is no real meat to dig into with these mods anymore. It's mindless drivel with a cash grab. If there was more to do than just 4 daily quests and then repeat them over and over again until you want to fall on your sword to end the torment then maybe the veteran players might stick around.

Edited to state that I'm aware of the contract for 3 mods/year. That's where the new events come into play: each big event that I said they could do the update for could be considered a mod IE: the simril mod, the birthday mod, the masquerade of liars mod... Something like that.


  • rikitakirikitaki Posts: 243Member Arc User
    I like your enthusiasm, but I bet most players atm would prefer removal of all the bugs from the current game before moving onto something big, plus it would be nice if those new mods would break only bare minimum of things that actually already work. And don't make me started about reward/effort ratio, which is now so random...
  • drizztxvii#3314 drizztxvii Posts: 4Member Arc User
    I see you. lol. at any rate, you know i agree.
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Posts: 1,513Member Arc User
    Part of the deal is that NWO reflects changes to the core P&P Dungeons and Dragons, which is why we get Modules that coincide with major releases for that game.

    I agree with @rikitaki that what I'd prefer is a nuts and bolts overhaul of the broken and bugged stuff rather than going down the one main mod that lasts a year route. One of the things that got me through the Acquisitions Inc stuff was knowing it wouldn't be too long till something better would arrive. The notion of a year's wait would have sent me to another game.

    I seem to like every other mod, and feel either mild apathy or flat out dislike for the others. Going back as far as SKT, I really didn't like that, but I enjoyed the River District, hated Chult, loved Ravenloft. AI was the pits, but I've really enjoyed the Undermountain stuff, and now Mod 17 is... meh. So I'm hoping something cool appears in a few months.

    That's the problem the one mod a year idea presents.
    What if you just really don't like it?
    Farm old stuff for a year and make do with the Events calendar?

    IMHO they should fix what's broken and look at restructuring the Dungeons to turn old L70 queues into updated L80 variants. (It takes a matter of days to get from 70 to 80, and 70 shouldn't be the benchmark any more.) Maybe keep one or two at level 70 and add them into the new "Random Levelling Queue".

    As far as story lines go, like I say, a lot is dependant on what WoTC are working on. Not what's currently out. On top of that the devs have to keep up with aspects unique to NWO, such as Guilds, PvP and Crafting to keep all that relevant.
    And they do NEED to keep on top of that!!!

    Some of the stuff you suggest already exists, Epic mounts that can be farmed through events for instance. The epic Griffon (with Wanderer's Fortune insignia bonus) is easily farm-able during the Siege event and that is a pretty good freebie. There are also plenty of artifact sets that you can farm currency for.

    Another problem with the long winded campaign set up is that ultimately they will need to find a way to shorten it even more than they do now. It's far easier to farm AD and buy a campaign completion token for SKT or Chult than to run them, but some people like them so they will run them.
    But if you have year long campaigns, that's a lot of grinding and a lot of content. And a lot of people who get in on day 1 will probably have no problem with what you suggest, but what about those who don;t play every day? Or join the game later? Do they offer campaign completion tokens as soon as another new mod drops? Or do those players who haven't finished the last mod just have to grind both at once, halving their time on each and making the NEXT year an even bigger deficit?

    When they announced the move to three new mods a year and no more "B" mods, I was a bit disappointed, because I had hoped for a B mod for Ravenloft, but now I'm OK with the idea. Even though Mod 17 was pretty much 16B... I like the idea of new DIFFERENT content every four months or so.

    I'm not saying its a bad idea, and I'm sure there are people who would love it, but I'm just giving my reasons for why I wouldn't like it.
  • stevexbox#5074 stevexbox Posts: 8Member Arc User
    I agree with what your saying. Take the year make a large release that would take us months to do.

    I would rather have a mod with no new areas and fix what we have and 100% just add dungeons and new things to do and use the current areas we have dungeons are what people want.

    I also think a new class would bring new life back to the game. A new race ehh no one cares but a new class absolutely would people be all over that!
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