Proffesions Material Satchel

The new patch today with the addition of 71-80 Craftings is further exasperating a problem that was already present in M15:
The Materials Satchel is too small.
I do all my real crafting on my Cleric, and have all professions leveled up (only 70 now, will be 80 one day). As a perfectionist, I only keep +1 materials. I do very little in Mastercrafts, namely guild hall fluffs.
And I STILL don't have enough space for all the materials I want. I was re-arranging my satchel to plan out the new materials, and I'm unable to hold more than 15-ish individual Mastercraft items anymore because the base crafting materials is taking up all of the satchel (remember, I'm only keeping +1 materials!).
While I am very happy with the new craftings (I have a few disappointments, but overall I'm thrilled), the lack of Satchel space is quickly putting the squeeze on any crafting I plan to put together.
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