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Good augment for an Arbiter build

rifter1969rifter1969 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 516 Arc User
Hi folks,

I recently picked up my alt cleric, and though I going to be spec'ing her for healing for my alliance, I'm in the process of having her race to 80.
I'm looking for some recommendations on a decent augment comp to help her with her dps, any suggestions?

Thanks. :)


  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,502 Arc User
    Any with power and/or CA as the bonus stats are good.
  • vorphiedvorphied Member Posts: 1,870 Arc User
    Specifically Bulette Pup if you want Power and CA bonuses. Quasit and some other things if you want Power and don't care about more CA (e.g. you're already comfortably at or over cap).
    Sacrilege - Warlock
    Contagion - Cleric
    Testament - Wizard
    Pestilence - Ranger
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  • rifter1969rifter1969 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 516 Arc User
    And I happen to have 1 or 2 bullette pups sitting on a storage alt :)
  • namelesshero347namelesshero347 Member Posts: 2,109 Arc User
    Deep crow hatchling in the TB store is relatively cheap. Gives power.
  • tgwolftgwolf Member Posts: 497 Arc User
    I prefer my BD Ioun Stone for a few reasons:

    1. Already had it Legendary
    2. The defensive bonuses were actually great for rounding out the Caps along with Assassin's Covenant.
    3. It can't die or be de-summoned randomly.
    4. For effects, it always counts as "being close".
    5. The 8k Crit for Offense is a great filler until you cap and can switch to Power.
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