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Sw reborn at the PVP

martins#2911 martins Member Posts: 51 Arc User
Hello everyone,
I would like to report 2 Bug with SW in PVP, when I die on pvp it is reborn.
I asked if this had already been reported, but I could not find it.
See the video link!


Another thing I would like to know if it is normal or a bug, Sw Bargain removes allied debuffs, but it does not take away from itself. Is this normal or is it a bug?



  • claudiodnclaudiodn Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    It's so cool to die one time and get 0/3.
  • martins#2911 martins Member Posts: 51 Arc User

    warlocks bargain has always only worked for allies, never for the warlock. myself and numerous others have reported this and have yet to get a confirmation on whether this is Working As Intended or a Bug.

    but it sure is a bug he reborn in pvp!

    in the bargain would be a disadvantage to Sw if he can not remove the debuff from himself.
    All other heal classes do.
  • martins#2911 martins Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    Will not Cryptic Developer answer this question?
    We are trying to help make a better game.
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