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Undermountain Preview Patch Notes: NW.110.20190519a.16

terramakterramak Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 961 Cryptic Developer
Release Notes

Content and Environment
  • Leveling Expeditions have once again had item level scaling removed.
  • Third Eye Campaign: Players can once again properly continue the Third Eye campaign.
  • Temple of Tiamat: This trial has been reworked to support 10 players, down from 25. The following structural changes have been made to compensate, in addition to health and damage rebalancing:
    • The time to fight Tiamat's heads is now 4 minutes, increased from 2 minutes.
    • When protecting the clerics, Linu now has her section completely under control.
    • The battle now begins when 8 players enter the instance, decreased from 18.
    • The queue now matches like other 10-player trials, favoring 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 6 damage dealers.
    • Devils now despawn when the cleric protection phase ends.
    • Dragon Souls now have a 1 minute cooldown, decreased from 2 minutes.

User Interface
  • When the game informs the player that their powers have been retrained, it no longer opens the Powers window on confirmation. This allows players returning for Undermountain release to properly see the Home Page and its information.

  • In the German locale, Tenebrous enchantment tooltips now properly show the maximum damage dealt per proc.

Performance and Stability
  • A client crash in the user interface has been addressed.


  • devilxjkdevilxjk Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    any news about "Momentum" (Fighter feat bugged)?
  • fenrir4lifefenrir4life Member Posts: 295 Arc User
    Any word on getting Tenebrous to actually proc?
  • agilestoagilesto Member Posts: 513 Arc User
    @fenrir4life they don't? My R14 correctly proc now, is the R15 original bug still there?

    Any news for Barbarian stamina regeneration? Or any Barbarian news at all, at this point...
  • baronstragenbaronstragen Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    @terramak any idea why any additional Tenebrous enchantments only increase the proc rate by 1.1% per enchant instead of what is specified in the tooltip?
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  • kangkeokkangkeok Member Posts: 1,119 Arc User
    hustin1 said:

    Here's my $0.02 regarding Tiamat.

    It's surely the end of an era, but I can see the logic behind the change. That said, getting 25 players together is only part of the reason why it hasn't been relevant. The rewards simply weren't there. When Mod 5 brought the Tiamat fight, we needed to grind it for both Draconic Templar as well as for the campaign boons. We still need Linu's Favors for boons, but nowadays there are other ways to get them without having to grind Temple of Tiamat (though, admittedly, lowering this to 10 people is a very player-friendly move for anyone still needing those boons).

    Now, here's what I think. Were I in charge, I'd be fine with all you've done, but I'd do something more. I'd let Draconic Templar be available again. It would be wearable at level 60 just like it is now. Then, I'd also make it a component in an armorsmithing recipe -- perhaps for something like "Fortified Draconic Templar". It would be a level 80 item, and would have a decent-to-high item level depending on the final crafting skill required.

    Now that would make Temple of Tiamat relevant.

    I would suggest to bring everything to level 80. Campaign, dungeon, gear, weapon, artifact.. everything.. except leveling campaign like elemental evil & undermountain just to bridge people from level 60 to 80. When u got level 80 as cap, literally no one is staying at level 70 and there wont be the need to scale down player when they are in those dungeon. Also with all the gear brought up to level 80 we have whole lot of option to pick again. I prefer the game to add more stuff into our option pool instead of making them all obsolete.
  • hercules125hercules125 Member Posts: 427 Arc User
    I'm sorry, but when you had a much older game like Dark Age of Camelot that could support 100 v 100 pvp battles easily, yet somehow this game cant support 25 people in a zone, something is just wrong.
    This raid used to be the end game, and still feels epic to me. Nerfing it into the ground like this is just a bad decision and is only going to rub more salt into the wounds of the playerbase. I would suggest rethinking this decision.
  • shadower75shadower75 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    terramak said:

    Third Eye Campaign

    With the release of the M16, this campaign was renamed the Intro Campaign: The Staff of Savras

  • fenrir4lifefenrir4life Member Posts: 295 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    agilesto said:

    @fenrir4life they don't? My R14 correctly proc now, is the R15 original bug still there?

    Any news for Barbarian stamina regeneration? Or any Barbarian news at all, at this point...

    @agilesto Rarely have more than an hour or so a night to play, so I'm still running an R8 I got from the trade-in, but I've literally never seen it proc.
    Related, what is yours slotted in? I don't know the game code, but it doesn't seem out of the question that they might only go off in certain equipment slots. Mine's in a ring, but if reslotting it is enough to get it working, I'm not unwilling to do that.
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  • burnthedead#7732 burnthedead Member Posts: 64 Arc User
    Bank Heist is still way beyond "Fixed", please address aoe of rust bugs , and general mob HP.
  • teamstephonteamstephon Member Posts: 158 Arc User
    still would like if they gave us a chance to have are damage while healer companions back for how they don't do anything to help so why make them pointless to have in the game when you hardly cant stay alive as well for how tried i am of using my healing potions for how i just want to play without dying where i just want to see the up scaling removed from the game completely
  • zerappuszerappus Member Posts: 138 Arc User
    They just need to raise Intermediate queue requirement to 14k (or better yet 15k).

    The problem is, the developers don't realise how much the new 80 gear and double enchantment/runestone stat is contributing to player item level.

    A lot of brand new, completely inexperienced players who previously can't get in to intermediate can now access new 80 gears and double enchant/runestone stats.

    I don't know the highest item level but I've seen people with 25k. And current intermediate item level is 13k? They obviously miscalculated and need to adjust the requirements.

    Much of the new players have no vip, and can't afford potion spam or injury. After so many deaths, they just quit.

    I got Malabog yesterday with my built 13.5k, level 71 alt Archer. There's a high level cleric, 1 determined newbie tank. 1 determined newbie barbarian dps, and overzealous newbie warlock who keep attacking first and shifting aggro to everyone after he dies.

    In short, he's crippled by so many deaths that he and the cleric but by now so fed up, quit simultaneously. So we all continued almost got the catapults finished when the barbarian died. As I ressed, the tank died. As I was ressing the tank. We all died and tank quit too.

    We got experienced reinforcements and finished it without a hitch.

    Today I got Bank Heist with 3 Barbarians and 1 Tank which I thought is a great combination even without a healer. But as soon as we got in, one Barbarian went "no way" like we're screwed. I said as the (newbie) tank holds, we'll be fine.

    I can already see what's happening: Me with 1 or 2 barbarians and one side and Tank breaks on another side and the Barbarian(s) get CCed to death. The highest level Barbarian agrees and he doesn't even want to bother. He goes afk on one side and simply want us to fail so he can quickly abandon.

    We got gold easy on first round. As we were struggling and dying on second round, he decided to join in. We finished it with 1/3 Vault HP.

    The problem imo:

    Intermediate Queue shouldn't be 13k but 14k or 15k.
    Far too many Bank Heist popping without clerics and the potions cost 1/2 gold each and they only give 5 a day for ViP.

    So, a lot of newbies entering without experience is weighing everyone else and is dying repeatedly with no vip, no health potions and no injury kit until they become crippled and quit. It's frustrating to everyone, new and old players.

  • darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 821 Arc User
    Yes is indredible the amount of people in the game with 22K+ that has absolutely no idea about what they are doing. The problem is that they enter to everything (including LoMM) and the worst thing is that they insult you when you try to give them advice.

    I suspect this people were doing well in mod 15 when you didnt need knowledge about the class or dungeon mechanics to be succesfull.

    I dont know what is the solution, but seems that is too easy to meet the requeriments for every dungeon. But anyway if people can buy the IL, we will keep with this issue.

    Lescar PvE Wizard - Sir Garic PvE Paladin
    Caturday Survivor
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  • devilxjkdevilxjk Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    "RASNSI spinning attack, souls hp (again) /STRAHD(red aoe dmg)

    2)Req should have a required item level of 22k, with a team of 20k arcturia si a WALL

    3)Tong and CR are more difficut than Lomm, they should be setted all on REQ

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