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why so much RNG?

why is every dang thing in mod 16 gated behind RNG?
I remember when module 12 went live and I was farming TONG....getting those seals for my primal weapons first then the armor, then alts.
It was fun and it was guaranteed progress, you knew once you had the seals you could get the BIS stuff.......

But for this module instead of allowing us to earn our gear, we are teased with it......
"keep doing your ME's, you'll get it eventually" is what we are told.....thats a load of poppycock

and on top of all that we have been lied to by the team for over a month about the watcher set being obtainable........surely they won't even comment on that at this point, after all the lies

anyway just wanted to put my opinion in about all this STUPID RNG


  • b4t1b4tb4t1b4t Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    I do agree with what you typed but the hard and sad truth about why the rng is in place in mod 16 is simple. To keep you invested in doing the only real content outside of the new dungeon which is the daily ME.
    Think about it for a moment. Lets say you obtain your fully weapon set from the ME and lets add to this and say you obtain your full watcher set from the ME and everything from the chest of adventures that you need for your toon. Then why would you run the ME each day? You wouldnt.
    Much like how in mod 12 they added the maps for chult and was able to farm that +5 ring or that one from fang. Simple truth is once you got that ring you never continued to run it. There was no need any more.
    This is why the rng is in place.
    Sure they should tone it down a bit even with the massive grind for resonance but if they did then we really would have nothing to do in game or should I say nothing 80 content to do in the game.
    It sucks but yes this is the reason why mod 16 is nothing but a RNG mess. My guess is they are trying hard to make this mod last as long as it can. Which tells me we might not be looking at mod 17 for many more months.
    Anyways yes I hate how the mod is done and really hate the rng but I understand the reason why its present.
  • cdnbisoncdnbison Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 806 Arc User
    While maybe not all "BiS", you can still buy really decent armor, rings, and undies for seals, on top of the plethora of stuff that will be dropping from MEs. Primal weapons will work fine until the Alabaster set drops for you.

    There's been RNG in pretty much every mod. In Barovia, it was whether or not the hunt you were doing would drop the piece you wanted. Chult - the +5 ring hunt. If *everything* was available for seals, you'd hit a point of players not needing to run content for gear awfully quick - and that's one of the reasons people keep coming back - that "I gotta get " hunt.

    As for resonance, I don't know why people are complaining about "the massive grind" - it's an *option*. If you really want that extra 15 ilevel from the vendor gear, and have a spare 125k AD, it's there. Otherwise, I've found running 2-3 HEs (maybe 30 min) every couple of days gives me plenty of resonance for my 3 daily ME runs, with some left over.
  • unthoughtknownunthoughtknown Member Posts: 120 Arc User
    well new weapons is 4 sets of RNG - RNG To get essence fro ME chest, RNG for soul to spawn in ME, RNG for weapon to go to you in party, RNG its a weapon for your class.
  • krymkackrymkac Member Posts: 210 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    To be fair you can always say to hell with it and just do your 5 lomm runs a week & have your weapons in 4 weeks =) Bonus is decent too all things considered. Doesnt excuse all the mess with watcher set though.
  • cdnbisoncdnbison Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 806 Arc User

    well new weapons is 4 sets of RNG - RNG To get essence fro ME chest, RNG for soul to spawn in ME, RNG for weapon to go to you in party, RNG its a weapon for your class.

    I'd have to doublecheck, but just doing my 3 dailies for the last week or so (since I first visited LoMM), I've piled up about a dozen Essences. There might be a bit of RNG there, but not enough that it'll make a huge difference to people. It's not going to be super common, but if you are in a 5-person group, odds are good *someone* will have it.

    Shadows were likely meant to be semi-rare spawns, so yeah, some RNG there - but so was finding hunt lure mobs in Chult/Omu.

    No idea why the game would award a non-class weapon, though. None at all. That's just goofy. (Although, I'm glad I've got a toon of each class, just in case).
  • b4t1b4tb4t1b4t Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    You also forgot the rng with the other weapon set that the quest giver gives you.
    As for why they can not release enough content could be because they simply do not have the man power or the time frame needed to push out alot of content.
    I for one am shocked on just how small the content we have really is but looking at all the changes they did I assume their time was more fixated on those changes then new content.
    will admit this mod unlike others is heavy on the rng and yes i hate it my self but to a degree I understand the reasons behind it.
    Like the watcher set which is completely optional to obtain is wrapped into rng because they knew that so many of us would try hard to obtain it.
    Truth is like another stated run LOMM and get that set with no rng and it will do just fine or run your 3 ME per day and hope for getting the quest giver set.
    Either way rng is in place to drag the content out.
    Look for us to stay this way for a few more months down the road.
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