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Harper Chronicles - Redcap Snatchers

warrianswarrians Member Posts: 98 Arc User
Hello, I decided to open a separate thread for every review i make, because i find the in-game review system extremely limited - typing limit, one review per campaign as opposed to one review per campaign quest, and no reviewing when you get stuck or when unplayable. We know the reasons for the last one, but still.

Redcap Snatchers is a-maze-ing - Congratulations on making me get lost in a maze of DETAIL ! xD A bit more, and i would deem it BAD because of "too much eyecandy" ! Honest now, One would think that you (The quest author) is involved in the NWO map development team and that this is a secondary account using the foundry as a hobby ! Things were well aligned and in harmony, even if the feydark felt just a little bit cluttered with stuff, things were mainly in place and it felt like a "real fantasy" cave (You owe me a new pair of boots, by the way, my epic pigaches were ruined because i got stuck almost half an hour searching the path in all that water and mud. Amazing Feydark design! )

I got a bit lost, plot wise and objective wise, specially when the time came for the goblin disguise, but things worked smoothly with a little bit of persistence. This is a great quest and should not be overshadowed by its sequel (Which i didnt play yet, and am about to do it .)

Great work !!!!! You might want to save the text of your quest ( intructions in another thread here) just in case you want to remake it using another toolset.

5 stars and max tip !!!



  • warrianswarrians Member Posts: 98 Arc User
    I also remember some mention to Harpers and to someone else on the first map, but i couldnt find anyone else. I get the feeling i missed whatever "extras" you might have hidden in your episode 1. Being a fan of hiding extras myself ( My foundry campaign has more typing spent in secrets than in the main story!), i feel obliged to ask you for a *SPOILER* now that i beat your quest - Where was the extra?
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