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Changes to Lifedrinker and Bloodtheft in Mod 16

kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 697 Arc User
edited March 2019 in General Discussion (PC)
Saw this question asked various places in the forums, so here's what I'm seeing:




  • pteriaspterias Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 661 Arc User
    The Lifedrinker seems like a serviceable, if lean, LS source, at the expense of DPS.

    The Bloodtheft seemed decent at first glance until I realized that 80% of the time it would trigger off of an At-Will that does like 17 points of damage. That makes it actually look like a hard pass.
  • tgwolftgwolf Member Posts: 266 Arc User
    Lifedrinker is and continues to be very effective for a Tank.

    Tank dps doesn't need to be great, somewhere just above the point at which Threat Gen bonuses ensure no DPS can steal threat from you.
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