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Are We Actually in The Good Place or The Bad Place

callumf#9018 callumf Member Posts: 1,600 Arc User
edited February 2019 in General Discussion (PC)
I want to know? :)

Seems like a new level of torture enjoyment is now near at hand with Mod 16, discussions, new content, new problems, new fun, new horror, new neerfs, new Metas, new enchants, new tactics, new emotional worries.

Kind of reminds me more of The Bad Place sometimes
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  • yeenoghu#2009 yeenoghu Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    Honestly, I would say in the GREAT. I mean, you get to relearn your class, 5 new (hopefully PVE) maps for you to explore and a way to ensure old players that returned for Tales of Old stay. I mean, tales of old will already allow you to have BIS artifacts that at legendary will give +8 to all stats. As long what each stat gives isn't changed, that's a huge boost. And lvl 80 means another stat increase once you get to 80, I assume.

    Overall, your character will be stronger in order to survive things as the game becomes more difficult. Otherwise, in a few years end game dungeons would only be difficult for the low IL players while the elite does it under 20 minutes.

    I vote: we are in the good place. Mostly because game is evolving, for old and new players I would suggest that rather than complain about changes, imagine you are playing it for the first time so get to learn on how to play the new evolution of Neverwinter.
  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 835 Arc User
    Reserve judgment until there are more facts about the changes. There isn't enough real data available upon which to draw a conclusion either way.

    I don't think using past experience as a guide can be trusted. Referring back to the Mod 6 disaster (as many have done) doesn't account for lessons learned, and the fact that a lot of the devs doing the work has changed.
  • sgtpostal#4408 sgtpostal Member Posts: 379 Arc User
    (screams like the wicked witch of the west from o) "im melting meEelting".... stops....."wait i need more info on all this"..... (pops back up revitalized starts moaning and walking like a zombie) "moOoreEe infoOo moOoOoreEeEe infoOoOoOoo"

    lol thats their biggest mistake right there.... they dropd lil atombomb full of "oh we doin this and we doin that" on mod 16...... but they did not rely explain ANYTHING about exactly WHAT they are doin when they do evrything they mentioned.
    so ya it looks like CoD: zombies der reise lvl 75.... but thats bc of how they released the info of whats happening in mod 16.
    best thing i can say is dont do anything rash in game til it hits test server an the after math of the ecplosion can be explored with ur ak-47 in ur right hand to see if u actualy even hav to knock the heads off any zombies.... or if this was just a stampede to strt wit bc the devgators popd up out the water an took a snap at the plaeers (best word i could come up wit for players/deer lol)
  • feanor70118feanor70118 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,166 Arc User
    Mod 16 looks like a giant pile of terrible ideas.
    This is the same dev team that completely screwed up the rollout of something simple like mod 15 and hasn't bothered to fix the simple bug with +1 crafting items.
    Instead, they ignored it for MONTHS and then decided to lie to us that it was working as intended for now. We all knew better. They knew we weren't that gullible. They decided to lie anyway.
    Now they want to completely remake the game, fixing any number of things that aren't broken. They aren't doing this based on player input. They aren't doing it based on requests for this. They're doing it because there was a management meeting in which people who don't play this game and don't pay attention to player input decided some things should be done but never asked why or if any of it was a good idea.

    This is going to be a disaster. This dev team wasn't even competent to overhaul professions. They've had three months to fix that and they haven't. All their ideas since then have been pretty terrible - K-team with its ridiculous hardcore rule on bugged content that they haven't bothered to fix, Tales of Old with its tedious grind and the pointless and counterproductive relegation of one of its currencies to chests, gating new atrifact gear behind events instead of campaigns...

    This is going to be a disaster. This team can't handle it. It's not being done for any good reason. Bugs are going unfixed and ignored. It's long past time for the dev team to stop releasing new content while the current content is full of problems.
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