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Scourge Warlock damage is reduced in mod 15.

I am running a 15k SW Fury and before mod 15 it was doing a decent amount of damage but since the update the damage seems to be considerably reduced. I have spoken with other SWs and the are reporting the same. I was expecting an increase and other classes I have spoken to have noticed an increase. Can you look into it please. https://facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2345792505448939&set=gm.2062620903801137&type=3&eid=ARCCtCvadFAfgcYjY1Wq7ZO5zOiqjdaxV7OaoHQavw5Cly0u9YXsGJumuSMmSVuF3MwbbohoC_yqMvC7&ifg=1


  • darkzod#9528 darkzod Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    I have a 16.5k SW and I also play Fury. I also see that massive damage has been reduced. It is a pity that the SW is so destroyed :-(
  • auron#6793 auron Member Posts: 374 Arc User
    i play fury but i really haven't noticed a reduction. but my build also relys more on life drain so idk if maybe i just don't notice it as much.
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