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Shadow of Demise Question

dsotm#2293 dsotm Member Posts: 11 Arc User

When i do this rotation on a Dummy in PE :

Stealth -> Encouter (WR) -> Daily (CB or WoB) -> Stealth (thanks to II class feature)-> Encounter (DS) (in less than 6s so before the SoD final hit)

On in game Logs, SoD final hit proc only once, few seconds (maybe six, i will check) after the second stealthed encouter.

Is this Wai ?

In my naive mind, i use to think than SoD should proc twice, one for each stealthed encouter used, with the second SoD final hit taking account of the first SoD final hit.


  • aymed#4611 aymed Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    SOD can only trigger if theres not another SOD active
    i think there even is a debuff on your debuff bar indiating this
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