Removal of Conqueror's Shards for Barracks

odskyr#3177 Member Posts: 42 Arc User
What do you think? Will the removal respectively the change of Conqueror's Shards to build and upgrade the Barracks affect PvP? Because there will be no need for PvE Guilds / Players to play PvP any longer.


  • krzrsms
    krzrsms Member Posts: 164 Arc User
    Already seen large numbers of PVE players and channels they used give up on open world PVP in Icewind Dale. I know it will cut down on a large amount of complaints, flags, and players being reported as the 2 populations are not compatible and don't tolerate each others methods much. So it may make PVP players more pleasant while empowering the more toxic element at the same time.

    Im glad for this change.. Just hoping that they will make some sort of conqueror to adventurer shard exchange for those of us that have no interest in PVP structures.
  • kozi001
    kozi001 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 876 Arc User
    As a guild leader I am glad.
    It was very hard to motivate typically pve folks to play pvp.
    Pvp towers still need Conqueror's Shards.