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Progress on Random Queue System

dzaimsdzaims Member Posts: 86 Arc User
Since I was one of the folks that griped loudly, let me publicly express appreciation for the progress on the random queueing system.

Guild alts can now run skirmishes and low dungeons, get dungeon shards, and keep the stronghold moving. Thanks for listening!

I'm sure that coding needed to tier/separate "epic" dungeons is trickier, but it would be nice to have toons able to run anything from Malabog's, Valindra's, Lostmauth, and Epic Temple of the Spider (and, maybe Castle Never), be able to queue randomly for just those. Fangbreaker on up could be an "Epic-er" queue?

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  • earlgreybeardearlgreybeard Member Posts: 402 Arc User
    I think it was also a vast improvement.. had a thought that 'merchant prince's folly could be re-included in the random skirms list of available skirms by only choosing it from the list if all members in the queue were flagged to be able to run it.
    if it even works anything like that.. hehe

    would also echo a thought that kessels and shores be added back to the skirms one day and dig out some old tasty dungeon to add to the epic dungeons like ' Lair of the Mad Dragon' in Helm's Hold but for epic dungeon groups

    now the punters are getting a taste for the randomly selected dungeons, having a few nicely reworked dungeons to throw in the mix would really get them rockin'
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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,589 Arc User
    I like the Random Skirmish very much. But honestly the 12+ Dungeon for 7900 ad really is kind of dumb; like no skill or challenge even the slightest for any end game player.

    They need to make Random 12+ Dungeon a 2000-2900 AD reward, for mostly new players.

    Add Random (Endgame) Dungeon to be 7500 Dungeon's exclusively for the 7900 ad reward with chance of decent drops if a key is used.

    Make Random Epic Dungeon's equal to / higher than 8400 at the least.

    I just don't like having to do mostly 7 Cloak Tower dungeon's across my various toons to earn 7900 AD. It's just a silly way to waste an hour doing something which gives no reward's or even earns end game currency toward's campaign's...
  • ontheleftcoast#2086 ontheleftcoast Member Posts: 120 Arc User
    It's a deceptive improvement. Yes, it's not as horrible as it was when 12b dropped but it is way worse than the way things were in 12a. And since the developers have gone dark since last week's announcement I think we're stuck with a system that really puts the "dung" in dungeon.
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