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Summer Festival Cooper Pamphlets

So, summer festival is definitely no Winter Festival ( <3 ) but it's OK, I guess (the events lasting 14 looong minutes...).

I have a question about 3 copper rewards:

Codex of the check
Fundamentals of the spike
Compendium of the set

The description only says each one will grant me a quest but doesn't describe said quest or the rewards. Anybody knows what are the quests and rewards? Didn't find anywhere...


  • rodrigozeba1rodrigozeba1 Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited July 2017
    Thank you for the reply. Didn't enjoy the saha game so not spending my cooper on this...
  • araneaxaraneax Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 639 Arc User
    Question. The relax emote for 500 copper tickets .
    Is it only usable one time ? Or it should be equipped in my emotes section?
    I got it, used it and well, it is gone.. o.o


  • xinexixxinexix Member Posts: 248 Arc User
    @araneax it's an emote so once you use the 500 ticket chair it binds to your emotes list. Open your chat and go to emotes, then scroll down to relax.

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