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vip from enchantment pack not increasing vip level?

anyone else seen this? I was rank 11. bought 250 keys and still rank 11 even though it says I have half a year left of vip now. (I had ten days left before)


  • scanix#5133 scanix Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    No it does not. If you compare the description with the other VIP items then you will see that those explicitly mention VIP points (or whatever it is called) and that it will increase your level by X.
    I was confuzzled at first as well. :)
  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,486 Arc User
    meh arc! that' show they get you. lol.
  • ravenskyaravenskya Member Posts: 1,891 Arc User
    They still haven't answered how a rank 0 goes to a rank 1 if ranks aren't increasing lol
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  • maxcook996#4790 maxcook996 Member Posts: 43 Arc User
    I also wondered the same but I'm not too bothered as I've got nearly a years free VIP lol
  • flaynor#4110 flaynor Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Same happened to me. Seems a bit silly to increase your vip by a month like usual and yet not increase the vip rank
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