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dps path feat "Stem the tide"

silverflash#1869 silverflash Member Posts: 4 Arc User
Firstly, is it just me or does that tooltip actually describes that it snares by 25%? Anyways, I will assume that it slowes down enemies by 25%, or something, but has anyone actually seen it in effect in pvp (mainly)/pve? Because I think it's broken.

This class is already broken in many ways as it is so I wont be surprised if this too is one of them garbage.


  • veywiil#8685 veywiil Member Posts: 208 Arc User
    edited May 2017

    This class is already broken in many ways as it is so I wont be surprised if this too is one of them garbage.

    Hello first of all let me tell you, Paladins are not broken garbage, if you think so stop playing them, as you obviously are having no fun playing broken garbage. The class has many skills/powers/tooltips where what the skill does and what the tooltip reads are VASTLY different. This is true for all classes however, and doesn't make us broken garbage per se.

    Stem the Tide is a horrible feat. Thanks to most group content someone is always within 30' of you. Even in PvP unless you are doing 1v1's you should be running with the group, and at least half the time have someone within 30' of you. Snare is indeed a very weird way of working the actual effect, and it does appear to be a slow effect. Not that a slow will do you much good if they are within 30' as they are essentially almost in melee. Most classes can instantly get out of a 30' foot radius thanks to dodging/movement abilities, so Stem the Tide should never have points put into it; for PvE or PvP. Leave this at 0/5 99.9% of the time.

    The two cases where you MIGHT want to pick it up is:
    • For a completely solo character with no summoned companion (remember that counts as an ally being near you too.) And that is for the damage increase of 5% not the 'slow/snare' effect.
    • For a completely focused Bunker Build on a point in Domination, generally the far point. Although you probably gonna get wiped trying to 1 v 3 since your on far, and no one else is around.

    If necessary I can continue to expand and elaborate my defense of this point until it reaches obscenely long word counts. I don't think that is necessary though.
    I'm a theorycrafter, that means I can answer fairly deep questions with scientific theory, mathematical proof, and some guessing. Ask me stuff!
  • silverflash#1869 silverflash Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited June 2017
    I am sorry that I am replying now. I lost my interest in playing this class so didnt care to revisit this thread hehe. I am playing a gwf which is absolutely more fun than op now atm hehe. I do have 5/5 points for stem the tide hoping it'd be helpful in pvp when Im the only one at a node or something. But yeah I have to agree on its useless nature with ya since you rarely find moments when you are the only person around. And the movement debuff aint much of a help either in taking on a gf since they can lock on to me if I want to flank. All in all, protOP is only viable bunkering a 5v1 at best yeah. Just get cc immunity and stand like a friggin rock. Not the pvp experience I want..
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