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M6 Class feedback reporter - Hunter Ranger

akromatikakromatik Member Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in The Wilds
Greetings Hunter Rangers!

We want to hear what you have to say about your class!

If chosen as a class feedback reporter (we used to call them "advocates", but this title more effectively communicates their function), you'll be responsible for compiling the feedback of your fellow players about your class. Each week, you'll submit feedback in the form of a bullet-point list to me via forum PM. I'll then take that list (and the lists from the other classes) and forward them to our devs.

How do you become a class feedback reporter?

You can start by stating your interest in this thread.

After that, send me a PM answering these questions:

-Why do you want to be a class feedback reporter?
-Why do you like this class?
-How long have you been playing Neverwinter?
-Do you play any other MMOs? (Don't worry, we won't get jealous) If so, what class do you play?
-Do you play D&D? If so, what class(es) do you like to play?
-In what direction do you want to see this class go?

Once I've selected a candidate, this candidate will remain "in-office" until the next module's launch. For example, the candidate I choose now will remain until Module 6's launch (whenever that may be).

Please remember: Private Message Akromatik with your Answers to his Questions, as well as any Concerns or Questions one may have.

This thread is not for general discussions, it is not for bashing, and it is not for PvP Smack Talk. This is a Nominations thread, not a Voting Thread or Soap Box.

Furthermore, if one cannot follow our Rules of Conduct, they most certainly won't be a class feedback reporter. Think before you post folks and remember our first Rule: Show Respect At All Times!

About the Role of a class feedback reporter:
Class feedback reporters won't be chosen to represent their opinions. But instead are to act as intermediaries for the Community as a whole on specific topics and areas, whether or not they agree with such or not. They will have checks and balances to make sure that they are being unbiased in their relay of the Community's Ideas, Opinions, and Suggestions.

Furthermore, class feedback reporters won't be able to "make things happen." Instead, such is more akin to what we Moderators already do, which is relay all the hot topics and serious bugs so that the Developers know to look more deeply into such issues being reported in Bug Reports and on the Forum. The Developers don't just take our word for it, they see our word as a sign that they need to look deeper into the matter.

Alas, Moderators do not have the time to properly dedicate to such as we have other duties. This has been made aware by the sheer number of things we report each week (and sometimes daily) and then find out that we have forgotten something or overlooked something else entirely. This is where the class feedback reporters come in, to help and ease such things.

Here is some clarification on what a class feedback reporter does:

-These individuals will be selected based on their past actions and participation in the class feedback threads from previous modules. They will be selected by GentlemanCrush and myself.

-The class feedback reporter will hold office for 1 module. Once their time is up, we will move on to the next eligible candidate.

-These class feedback reporters will not be assisting in the design or decisions regarding the class direction. These players will function to collate and collect feedback into more readable lists to improve dev response time and better allow the feelings of the community to become apparent.

-A big part of this is separating the feedback from the "discussions" that tend to pop up in these threads. These class feedback reporters will include any and all feedback in their reports. They will not be the ones deciding what is "good" feedback and what isn't. If we find that an advocate has been purposely omitting feedback in their reports, they will be relieved of their post immediately.

Can't wait to read all your applications!
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  • lewstelamon01lewstelamon01 Member Posts: 7,415 Arc User
    edited January 2015

    Serious inquiries and nominations only, please. This is also not the place to discuss (or troll about) the effectiveness of the Class Feedback Gatherer position. As per Akromatik's post, the role of feedback gatherers is NOT to guarantee that anything suggested will be implemented, but to assist the Community Team in gathering and organizing feedback to present to the devs.

    Do not respond or reply to this notice, but PM a moderator or submit a support ticket if you have any questions. Thanks!!

    Great Weapon Fighter: Because when is today not a good day to die?

    PC and PS4 player. Proud Guildmaster for PS4 Team Fencebane. Rank 5 Officer for PC Team Fencebane. Visit us at http://fencebane.shivtr.com
  • marnivalmarnival Member Posts: 1,432 Arc User

    Can't wait to read all your applications!

    Am afraid its going to be a very fast and light reading :-) if you get any, I dont think any old timer playing Hr as main is left and not many with enough experiance left either if you look at posting in this forum.

    Actually I think you should be glad if you even get one application tbh and i whish all that seeks this role all the best.
  • lirithiellirithiel Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,482 Arc User
    Is this still a thing? I thought it was canned a long time ago when the devs realised it was another epic fail idea.
    Our pain is self chosen.

    The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman.
  • osterdracheosterdrache Member Posts: 480 Arc User
    HRs are dead.
    Only one viable path, and "viable" in that context means "be the filler in the group".
    In pvp HR is an aliby class, a filler and cant compete against anyone, except maybe CWs. But even the weak CWs have better control and healing and survability (repel to cap anyone?)

    Advice: dont play this class.
  • linknigrilinknigri Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    Its true, the class is by far the worst class of the game, it performs badly, it has no damage to fill a striker role, nor it is important as a control either, it does not help the group not even as a trapper witch is the ''viable'' path, any party would be better serverd with something else in the place of the HR. It is also the worst class on pvp.

    And as if it that was not enought, they are still nerfing the class because of the xbox players who does not have tenacity yet are complaining about the class perform on pvp.

    But I have hope osterdrache, that once tenacity is implemented on xbox and everyone start leaving HR behind and filling their foruns with the real truth about how horrible the HR is, cryptic will do something about it because they will loose a lot of money when the HRs of the xbox start to stop playing as ours. So, yes, the class is dead right now, but it is still possible that it will be fixed on the future, we have to wait and see.
  • osterdracheosterdrache Member Posts: 480 Arc User
    I was getting tired of waiting. Its over a year now.
    I flushed my 4.2k IL bis pvp HR down the toilett.
    Oh, and I just quit the game. Like all the HRs who invested so much work and time into a black hole called HR.
    Bye ;-)
  • linknigrilinknigri Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    : (
  • lostpilgrim#3558 lostpilgrim Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Hi, I hear a lot about how obsolete the HR class is, and I do not really agree. It does take a little more effort to play this classof HR however, it is , indeed, viable. I have my main as HR and leveled it, solo, to lvl.70 until I joined a guild, doing all the questline and dgn solo, no problems. Sure I died a lot, but using whatever potions and healing kits, along with the advanced potions that last for an hour, from ardent coins, et al, one can accomplish the entire game solo. I used the Stormwarden / /combat build, and once the epic companions are added, it is a fun style of play that one cannot find in any other class in the game.

    I play via a PC, and I find the HR a lot of fun and even have guided guildies of other classes through Ghost Stories with just a lvl 60 guildie along with me. It is a challenge, but not impossible to utilize this HR class. It just takes a little more finesse, and the ability to fight smart, and aim small and miss small. I agree, some increase in it's armor class could help but for survivability and lots of DPS, the combat path for HR is great. Also, for croud control and group assist, the Cordon of arrows is the bomb. You can have your typical hack and slash other classes all you like. I still love the HR more than them all. Enough said.
  • fyrhawkerfyrhawker Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Two Cents, I believe the dev’s are purposely letting the class die. Everyone, including HR's, will be so fed up that removing the class all together will sound like the best option. Conspiracy? Well played sirs, well played.
  • mrjarqomrjarqo Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    fyrhawker said:

    Two Cents, I believe the dev’s are purposely letting the class die. Everyone, including HR's, will be so fed up that removing the class all together will sound like the best option. Conspiracy? Well played sirs, well played.

    hahah HR Is die !!!!!!! 9 posts in feedback hahahaha i start play and stop in 66 lvl --wasted time !!! how removing all class nobody play HR - is masochism ;-)

  • mrjarqomrjarqo Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited January 2016

    I was getting tired of waiting. Its over a year now.

    I flushed my 4.2k IL bis pvp HR down the toilett.

    Oh, and I just quit the game. Like all the HRs who invested so much work and time into a black hole called HR.

    Bye ;-)

    ok I 66 lvl HR --- and 4,2k IL hr down the toilett must be most broken ;-( ( nerf, nerf nerf nerf now is only s*h --- I play now my HR for fun ist most interesing class )

  • mrjarqomrjarqo Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    ;-) The only class which takes feedback from the mod 6;-) now we have a mod 8;-) - a black hole;-) dev-s unless acquitted this class garbage;-( very sorry for
  • wdj40wdj40 Member Posts: 1,958 Arc User
    Interesting... The HR is very much alive on the xbox, why do people feel is it rubbish now on Mod 8? I only play on the xbox and main a HR.

    I was actually fed up about all the hate on it back when I 1st started NW on xbox just after it came out. It is one of the main reasons I chose to use the class and prove it can be decent, then started posting builds and guides here and showing the class is actually amazing when used right.
    Main - Rydia (HR70) - Xbox One Player only
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    Storm (SW70), Edge (TR70), AD Farm (CW70), Grunt (GF70), Rosa (DC70), AD AD AD (GWF70), Your Mum (OP70)

    Member of Q-Snipe
  • mrjarqomrjarqo Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    As I had 3.5-4 k ilvl everything will be easy. As for the mechanics of the class and not about whether we can do it or not. For example Battelehoned, ?????after mod 6 is unless, feat Nature Enhancement is OK but the severity of 5%? for 5 points only severity not deflection chance ?. look at OP feats such as Force of Will = 10-15 critcal chance !!!!!
    Regards, -) HR
  • durugudesudurugudesu Member Posts: 420 Arc User
    Is this still open? a reply would be nice. thanks.
  • kronos0559kronos0559 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    HR use to be a great class to play, I've got one level 70 and a level 68, both had almost completed Sharandar and Dread Ring before all the big changes. When level 70 was "live", I quit playing them as all they was die... Now, it seems with a little change of gear and rank 8/9 enchantments, they are fun to play again. I started the Maze Engine quests with my level 70 HR with a tank and had fun doing it!
  • baggdaudibaggdaudi Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    The class is great I do a lot of dps, I'm a 3.4k HR and it's the only class I play. Been playing since mod 5. the only thing I can complain about is when I'm doing my rotations and I dodge, it glitches my next encounter move and I need to do it like 3 times before it actually works (sometimes). I started recording when this happens and it's hilarious watching him to my daily animation while moving . But This is frustrating obviously since my cool downs don't work. I would just like if the gameplay was smoother since I cant just sit there and hold the right trigger to do dps. Although I will say I'm not sure if it's because I play on Xbox and the console can't handle everything that's going on (maybe it's all the damage numbers flying up too lol)
    On a side note, Don't really know why so many people complain about not doing enough dps. I'm on Xbox I can help any one needing to do dps.
  • wdj40wdj40 Member Posts: 1,958 Arc User
    This thread is a bit old and irrelevant... worth sending to the archives now methinks.
    Main - Rydia (HR70) - Xbox One Player only
    Alts :
    Storm (SW70), Edge (TR70), AD Farm (CW70), Grunt (GF70), Rosa (DC70), AD AD AD (GWF70), Your Mum (OP70)

    Member of Q-Snipe
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