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Zulkirs Dreadnaught

thornbr1ngerthornbr1nger Member Posts: 65 Arc User
Hi I'm a TR on xbx1 and we haven't gotten the mod 10.5 update newest patch yet for the screwed up Armor classes on the new 150 armor. My question is did the ac update change the AC differently for different classes and if so what is it for TR (seems our AC is usually @8?). Currently Zulkirs is showing @7 etc. Thanks!


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    krymkackrymkac Member Posts: 210 Arc User
    First version had 7 AC. Now, after the patch that fixed AC of all the new 150 itl armors, it has 12. But already equipped pieces glitched and have 6 AC. All the other 150 itl chests have 12 AC as well. Regardless of the character's class.
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    niadanniadan Member Posts: 1,635 Arc User
    How much DR does 5 AC represent?
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    pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,665 Arc User
    2.5% DR I think. It seems like it works out to .5% per point of AC.
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    thornbr1ngerthornbr1nger Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    Ok cool that's what I thought from my reading but then I came across a post where someone swore that their CW (lifesilk spinneret armor) was showing lower AC in collections than when he looked at it on his GF etc and that in underdark collections it showed psions but not the brigandines at all and vice versa with GF. I had had both psions and brigandines drop but brigandines wasn't in collections for rogue or CW (I don't have heavy AC leveled). So I was beginning to think maybe some of these body's weren't supposed to be for ALL classes (I farmed the <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> out of ETOS for spinneret for my CW on rogue but nothing while dreadnauget, cambist gauntlets, and Dragon head dropped relatively easy.
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    thornbr1ngerthornbr1nger Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    Also every other TR armor elven and up was only AC 8.
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    mysteriasdrassamysteriasdrassa Member Posts: 299 Arc User
    Not all the armors glitched,, and easy way to tell is take it off and check AC,, then put it back on and check again,, if the difference is 12, your good,,, any other number and you've got a glitched one,,,, I got mine originally with the 0 AC and had been using it and it updated properly with the patch

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