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New PvP Mode

xsayajinx1xsayajinx1 Member Posts: 1,936 Arc User
Hello folks,

Which kind of PvP modes do we currently have?

- Domination: Capture the node
- Gauntlgrym: Capture the node
- Black Ice Domination: Capture the node
- Stronghold Siege: Capture the supply nodes?

Gauntlgrym is dead. Black ice domination & Stronghold Siege are dead as well due to massive lag/rubberbanding caused by companions and power interactions between players. Furthermore we experienced in the first days of mod 10.5 how laggy the instances get if there are more than 20 players on a map. (Instances in SoMI were able to hold 50 player until they changed it to 20 max. --> lag disappeared)

Capture, capture, capture... we definitely need some fresh wind in PvP with new modes such as:

- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Free for All (?)
- Golem modus*
- Capture the flag

* Basically, each team has a boss-like NPC you have to kill first in order to win the game. Wise handling of protection + damage is needed here.

The current meta builds are obviously crowd control + max tankiness as you just need to cap & keep the node. Kills are not necessarily required and many of us dislike this style of gameplay. More PvP modes would also mean more variety how to build your toon and more people are served with their preferences.

Additions & opinions are heartly welcomed!


  • forumnamesuxsforumnamesuxs Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 490 Arc User
    Hm, this golem thing sounds very interesting. It would probably have to be a bit stronger than the thing you can summon in IWD PvP, even with the lowered power creep in queued PvP, to make matches last a while.
    Maybe make it immune to player heals, and instead add some kind of area, where one player can go and interact with something every so often, to restore a relative small portion of the golem's HP. It would have to be relatively close though, to make losing one player worth the effort of doing this.
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  • oro#7943 oro Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    Fully support PVP promotion for this game. I mean you have to be extremely potato to not realise that promoting pvp in this game will surely reel in more whales. Im not even talking about balance. Fixed leaderboards, new game modes, new maps, arenas, I could go on for hours.
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  • kvetkvet Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,700 Arc User
    It's true - for all their talk of limited resources and needing to pay attention to the ROI, it's pretty astounding that they are so lackadaisical in their efforts to expand PvP, since clearly it's a huge driving force for people to spend money. NW isn't technically p2w, but that doesn't stop hard core pvpers from paying a lot in order to win....
  • jokerswissjokerswiss Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 23 Arc User
    Free for all will be very fun and interesting :) I do not pvp since mod9 but this for sure will be something fresh. Also new map for Domination will be nice.
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