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I like the armor, but...

karakla1karakla1 Member Posts: 1,355 Arc User

I like the basic alliance armor. she is very detailed and doesn't has a rag between the laggs (you know like the TRs always have this strange skirt/rag in front). But what annoys me are the gigantic spikey shoulder pats. They are so big that they sometimes pierce through my head/helmet.

Does somebody know if there is an version without them? i looked a bit around but couldn't find it.
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  • brotherhades78brotherhades78 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 31 Arc User
    To my knowledge there is no way of changing the pauldrons on any of the armors, unlike the helmets which can be made invisible. So it is just something you have to live with unless you change armor sets or use a different set to transmute the alliance set.
  • sasagerusasageru Member Posts: 269 Arc User
    Lol, i'm just imagining your character trying to turn its head then realising it can't because the pauldron is blocking the movement of the helmet XD
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