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Protectors friendship

lofsilmolofsilmo Member Posts: 10 Arc User
ok..been hearing all kinds of things. Do i need 5 pets with protector's friendship or just 4. Trying to figure out how to set this GWF up

Thank you in advance


  • pr3stigexpr3stigex Member Posts: 419 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    I run 1 protectors friends ship and 1 camaraderie. Some people stack camaraderie but it has diminishing returns and I didnt want to buy more mounts. Also some new bonuses coming with mod 10, haven't looked into those.
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  • dupeksdupeks Member Posts: 1,789 Arc User
    The 1st copy of any insignia bonus gives you the full benefit. Any subsequent copies only give you 25% of the benefit. So if you slot 5x Protector's Friendship, you get 2x the benefit (1 + 0.25*4).

    For that reason, and especially since some of the "utility" insignia bonuses are amazing (Wanderer's Fortune, Gladiator's Guile) many people choose to run a variety of insignia bonuses rather than stacking one.

    As was mentioned above, Friendship and Camaraderie benefits stack independently, so it's safe to include one of each.
  • lofsilmolofsilmo Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    ok...thats what I wanted to know...tyvm
  • wdj40wdj40 Member Posts: 1,958 Arc User
    Make sure you check it works with the Companion you equip, there are a few who do not Proc it so they are broken. Mercenary Companion is one of them that does not work.
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