Developer Blog: The Fury of Fangbreaker

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Greetings adventurers, Asterdahl here to discuss the upcoming epic dungeon—Fangbreaker Island.

Call me Andy (or Strum, or Spider-Man)!
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    With the continued trend away from adds in control immune boss fights and the progression towards fights in phases with additional mechanics at each phase, I have to decide what my new nickname for the game will be: Nevercontrol or Consolewinter.
  • solbergx
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    Nice!!! The manticore looks tough!!!
  • asterdahl
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    ribbs1 said:

    Is the dungeon finished or is it still being developed through feedback on preview? Since no one will be able to run it for some time, I suspect the latter to be the case.

    The dungeon is finished, we're making only minor balance adjustments and bugfixes based on feedback from preview. The version on preview (and in this footage) is also missing a few final audio adjustments such as new boss music and track transitions in the final fight. However, these are in the launch build for Storm King's Thunder.
  • genjundead
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    well after getting far in campaign i see a lot of awesome stuff. gonna leave a simple conflicting problem i am currently seeing.

    as i think about fangbreaker dungeon, i see that getting everfrost resist is actually not that hard but getting the 28% is gonna be a slight challenge (note-slight) and getting to 3.1k item lvl is not gonna be hard either, with the upcoming x2 rp week. but i see a new problem now that i finally think about it. as i get everfrost resist i lose item lvl and to increase my item lvl i am going to lower my everfrost resist.
    same thing i read in a different forum about how you need to unlock the campaign to unlock the dungeon, but you need the dungeon to unlock the campaign. but you need the everfrost to unlock the dungeon and you need campaign currencies to get everfrost resist. but to get campaign currencies you need the dungeon.

    wonder why the bigger he's didn't give at least 1 ten town supply so that the 15 man he would be more profitable and worth farming to me. the whole time i haven't been farming the 15 man he's cause theirs nothing i really want at the moment from it besides lanolin,

    well that's all i got to really say. all this is prety much just my opinion so its not worth much.
  • genjundead
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    well did fangbreaker dungeon and its way too hard for a 3.1k item lvl team. love the challenge but couldn't win. ill continue to try and beat it. hopefully i beat it today as i want to beat it before weekly reset.