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No Invocation

I currently have a hunter/ranger who is level 24 and sometime over the weekend her invocation got bugged and now when ever she tries it doesn't work. When you hit the LB the invocation option is greyed out. All my others characters on XB are fine as are ones on pC but it just this one. It also shows the arrow in top right indicating that I have special quest to do but when I click on it it says there is nothing there.

Has this happened to anyone else or am I going to have to re-roll her and maybe start again or just play another character.



  • curygreenleaf69curygreenleaf69 Member Posts: 120 Arc User
    Empty your overfull bag
  • kodo1968kodo1968 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Thanks I think that did it. It now has a countdown timer on it now. Didn't even notice the overflow bag :(
  • shamrok#5900 shamrok Member Posts: 56 Arc User
    Lol it will happen a lot during your leveling process as health kits become obsolete so try to keep an eye out for your overflow bag, even if you have room any item that is in your potion tray that becomes unusable goes straight to your overflow
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