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Tiamat Raid Strategies

goetzymamagoetzymama Member Posts: 49 Arc User

This url seems to have a good strategy where when all players load up into the instance 5 groups should be formed and each group should take a color. There are also some preset say/group messages that seem like a good idea.

Has anyone else read this? PC players that have already hit Tiamat on Xbox, is this still a valid strategy?
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  • daknucklezdaknucklez Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    no stategy will work if half the lobby isnt even playing,this is going to be a big let down to everyone due to people not even trying
  • respectpaysrespectpays Member Posts: 344 Arc User
    im from pc have done it once on xbox heres how
  • respectpaysrespectpays Member Posts: 344 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    first u should split into 3 groups of 8 killing the outter color mages then work in then kill the last one
  • respectpaysrespectpays Member Posts: 344 Arc User
    protecting clerics stand further away from clerics standing by them only makes it take longer because tiamat agros to players hiting them making it take much longer so keep in mind stay a distice from clerics and stun the adds as much as possible
  • respectpaysrespectpays Member Posts: 344 Arc User
    after u achieve this go to black use the black icon u get from black mage on it and ur damage will be massively different stop when his hp is 25%/ then go to next and use its color on it don't use a opposite or wrong color or ur going to struggle even more... plz make sure u use right color to color after this just repeat the first cleric step and u got this in bag
  • corpsemaker77brcorpsemaker77br Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    The main strategy is the one above posted by respectpays, but no strategy will work if the team don't follow it, and also players with GS below 14k will probably ruin it for everyone, as they don't have enough AP and CS to DPS or Life Steal to stay alive.

    On my FIRST Tiamat kill I got my Golden Dragon Grimoire off hand! That's because my whole team was awesome, and nobody screwed up, killing the heads before the third wave or using the Dragon Souls at the wrong time/color.


    Now I want the Orb. :)
  • cybergutscyberguts Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    Good for you corp.. I'm just shy of 16k GS and had enough coffers to get my offhand in the reclamation prior to Tiamat.

    Now, when in Tiamat; I have to content with idiots who die and then stay by the campfire during the 3th wave of Cleric protect :(

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  • xxxsfalxxxxxxsfalxxx Member Posts: 133 Arc User
    It's a roll of the dice for the 25 who are present in that instance that's pretty for sure. If things aren't going well though at some point like if it's clear the npc clerics can't power up before the time runs out, or that if they do there's still too much left (say 3rd round and there's two heads at 15% and the rest full) so it can't be done. Some people at that point don't feel like using any more wound removal kits, or whatever, so why would anyone be surprised they're not going to just go out and die with npc clerics at half and 20 seconds to go and tiamat still at 80% strength.
  • nickinightnickinight Member Posts: 87 Arc User
    I noticed the last time I did Tiamat it seemed we didn't even have 25 people in the instance. That just ruins a potential win.
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  • majordogmeatmajordogmeat Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    My Order of Battle: (Could use some refinement.)

    Pregame: On Entrance (Timer Count Down in play)

    A. 3 to 5 Groups Form in the entry way. These groups are meant to be descriptive of where they will occupy during later stages (Step 3) in the fight. Left, Right and Center.
    B. Each Group start forming party groups for bonus sharing. (Bonuses = more DPS and Survivability)
    C. Everyone pop Dragon potions and scrolls.
    D. Use your heal potions/power/Dragon Soul throughout as you need it.

    Advance Tips: Clerics ensure there are at least 1 cleric per area. Put up your divine marker on entrance so other clerics can see you.

    Step 1. Timer Up. Attack Summoners

    A. Lot different opinions here on the order to kill. I tend to prefer, murder all the things.
    B. Left goes left, Right goes right. Center goes Center, then where ever Center Groups are needed.
    C. Collect 1 Dragon Soul from the Dead Summoner. (You can only pick up one, so choose carefully)

    Advanced Tip: As a cleric I rock Sunburst and knock all the adds off the pillar, clearing the way for the horde.
    Split a Force Potion to 1 in your inventory. Place it in your quick slot. Use it before you pick up your Dragon Soul. When you pick up your Dragon Soul, it should slot into the empty quick slot.

    White and Black Dragon Souls cure Status Effects. Use after that dragon head does its affect.
    Red, Blue and Green Dragon Souls are Shields. Use before dragon head does its affect.

    Step 2. All Summoners Dead, Kill Sevren

    A. Center will be attacking as soon as it pops. Left and Right Horse Ride/Run to Sevren. Kill Quick.
    B. Then return to your prospective NPC Cleric Area (Left, Right or Center)

    Step 3. Defend the NPC Clerics Left, Right and Center

    A. Tanks and Aggro Grabbers Stand in the mob spawn. Stop them from charging the Cleric Areas.
    B. DPS types do that DPS thing you do.
    C. Keep adds off the NPC as it will slow and reverse the timer progress (This is bad.)

    Advanced Tips: Knock back mobs off cliffs and away from the Cleric Areas.

    Step 4. All the countdown bars full! Get some head.

    A. You have 2 minutes to reduce the health of the 5 heads. This is usually done by moving from Left to Right down and bringing each head down to the last bar or 10%. You do not kill because the head or it will respawn at 25%. Generally you are making good time if you are burning at least 2 to 3 heads to 15% in 2 mins. When the two minutes are up, return to your cleric area as fast as you can. You will likely repeat Step 3 and Step 4, usually 2 times until all heads are at 10 to 20%. Then you will kill the heads on your last repeat (Usually the 3rd time.)

    Advanced Tips: If you have the Dragon Soul for the Head you are at, be ready to use it for those AoEs.

    Clerics, try to avoid using Astral Seal here. Not everyone's Network connection can handle the volume of network activity caused by it. Same goes for that HealLock laser power, Knights Valor and other lag-o-riffic powers. When you lag the raid, the timer progresses normally, but some of the DPS calculations are dropped. This can reduce the overall DPS of the raid.

    This Order of Battle does not encompass all of the possible whatever and is only meant to be a generalized template.
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  • bluedoodbluedood Member Posts: 146 Arc User
    That is a pretty good write up of the strategy. Here are a couple of things that you could add or tweak.

    5 players to a door get that color gem...need not be same team as long as people are teamed up for buffs. Players who enter white and black defend the clerics on the side and other colors to the center.

    Also, perhaps add that the white and black gems are to cure status effects and not really a shield, very often I see people using them too early and the group getting stunned(white).

    Add a tip for 3 CW groups, they can coordinate knockback on the three clerics in voice chat or support the slower cleric group on the fly.
  • xxxsfalxxxxxxsfalxxx Member Posts: 133 Arc User
    Well there may be something wrong with some spells (HalGro, KniVal, ASheildSeal) causing "lag" aka low framerate aka too slow aka choppy, but the bigger problem is probably people filling the chat with that (and lfg and trade in zone) so nobody new can read the directions. :grin: That and constantly complaining about the minimum WoD GS 10K being not enough and how trash 11K is. Which for those in the know, specs and bonuses are often more important than raw GS anyway. (Although sure, a properly specced 10K isn't as hardy as a properly specced 18K) That's all a side issue to the strategy and expected results if there's not enough dps or the gems don't get used.

    The rules are simple. Especially given that groups aren't respected and so all 25 are randomly put into your instance.

    It starts with taking the scroll and potion (you certainly just got as a reward from killing the heralds starting at :45 in every WoD instance) and putting one of said scroll/potion in a quickslot and then using both items so as to leave a quickslot empty for the gem you must get later.

    Teamwork, speed, gems and dps. We're assuming that no group of 5 has the ability to oneshot any of the dragonheads and assuming that not all five groups would be able to take down a head in a round. So we assume three rounds, with a requirement to average getting 2.5 heads to ~15% health in each of the first two rounds, and all five heads from 15% to 0 in the third round.

    1. Line up in some door color so there's 5 in each row
    (which isn't necessarily needed, but with 25 randoms it makes it easier to know who's doing what since after all nobody has mics except those who want you to check out their dance tunes or screaming kids)
    2. Each group of five kills their matching miniboss person and takes the gem that goes into their empty quickslot. green, red, blue match acid, fire, electricity, and white and black remove dot effects for nearby players.
    3. Everyone returns and kills Severin.
    4. Something like 7 11 7 (1 group of 5 black/white + 2 of the green/blue go to each side, 3 green/blue + 5 red center) go to the three NPC clerics, with everyone aggroing the adds off the NPC clerics fighting the adds away from the clerics, and tossing down gems as/if needed, while healers heal the dps/tank/control folks. If you have finished with your npc cleric and others aren't at full health, go help if you can and are near.
    5. Once the clerics have powered up, and the Tiamat heads are out, everyone zergs to some head, on the edges, say black to white as the plan. Don't fight the adds near the npc clerics or anyone along the way, don't hang around there. Run to the head being attacked, which right now is going to be black as far as you know. Start there or follow the rest but don't just relax.
    6. Once at the heads, whoever has the gems tosses them down as needed, healing/killing adds and moves in as all DPS and everyone else who can damage does it, but the key is the gems keeping the head from killing everyone, because dead people do no damage, and the odds are those picking anyone up will be dead too but is certainly doing no damage if they're picking everyone else up. GEMS GEMS GEMS
    7. The zerg folk move to the next head once the first is down to 10-20%. It doesn't seem to hurt anything to get it to near or at zero, it will just be back up higher, so you're wasting your time going farther on purpose. If the DPS is so high it accidentally gets to 0 or whatever, don't worry about it. as far as I can tell. Hopefully in the first round, the black, green and half of red are ~15% health. GEMS GEMS GEMS
    8. Once the time is over (you can see it up there) the entire cliff area will be red, damaging, etc - run out fast run run run
    9. Go back to step 4 for the second round, except that in step 7 you are getting red the rest of the way to 15%ish , and then blue and white to 15%ish GEMS GEMS GEMS
    10. Go back to step 4 for the third round, except once the clerics power up in 5, each group of 5 goes to the same head they started the door on (unless you've noticed your group is dps heavy or light) and gets that head from 15% to 0%, use the gems don't forget. Every group of five needs to be able to damage the head for that 15% but you should have about 2 minutes to do so if all went well.

    Congrats, she's been banished again and you get good stuff and can open the chest if you have a key.

    For steps 5-7, if by some chance each group of 5 has the ability to get the head down to 15% in two rounds, it can be done that way, not a zerg but groups of 5 attacking a single dragon head all three rounds. (Just everyone has to know that ahead of time, no zerg, stick to your dragon head.) Given the current zone chat and mic setup, and trolls and spammers and jokesters wanting to group for tiamat or to sell you that aweome preservation ward for 3.5 gold while you're you know worried about refinining stones during the raid; good luck with that alternate order of attacking. Although if everyone knows what they're doing, watching the battle can tell you quite a bit about what others are doing. And that can work, so don't be surprised if there's no zerg and groups go to their color each round; should be obvious though.

    If everyone knows this, maybe you won't have clerics attacking the heads instead of healing (unless they are smiting types that do lots of damage and aren't using those allegedly problematic spells) maybe you won't have people hanging around the NPC clerics after they're powered up maybe you won't have people at the campfire despondant and needing guidance.
  • SICKxKILLxSONSICKxKILLxSON Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    In my personal opinion the current zerg method is probably our best bet on Xbox. Most console players seem to adapt better to the lets just gang**** everything mentality. Also due to the nature of the fight coordinating groups is time consuming and people can often be stubborn to the idea of "you need to fight this color head" which will most likely cause issues trying to form even and balanced groups. However I do suggest one thing... We should be reversing the way in which we fight the heads, and should be starting at white instead of black. For two reasons, reason number 1 due to nature of the black head glitching when attacked too quickly gives it adequate time to raise before anyone attacks it. Now reason number two any class in the game can make the jump from green to black cutting down on 10-15 seconds for the final sweep of heads, and not all classes can make the jumps going from green-red and blue-white. Just a thought for those of you on X1 who actually visit the forums. If this sounds like a good idea lets try to spread the word and make this fight a little smoother for everyone.
  • lvlkarmalvllvlkarmalvl Member Posts: 131 Arc User
    We should be reversing the way in which we fight the heads, and should be starting at white instead of black.

    IMO most groups could really use those extra 10-15 seconds, it'll be interesting to see if we can swing the juggernaut that is the masses.
  • enicegeoenicegeo Member Posts: 88 Arc User
    We should be reversing the way in which we fight the heads, and should be starting at white instead of black.

    IMO most groups could really use those extra 10-15 seconds, it'll be interesting to see if we can swing the juggernaut that is the masses.

    It would require the same amount of battle tip spamming as it did when it first came out. Just like the great amount of spamming done for the heralds about which dragon to start at.
  • SICKxKILLxSONSICKxKILLxSON Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    It really makes sense though considering the state of the fight. When the devs created this fight it was intended to be 5 teams of 5 one team per head... This is the main reason as to why they give us a 5min buffer to enter the fight. However like I stated the zerg mentality is just simpler, less time consuming, and just as effective. If we just sway the massed to reverse the order we kill the heads it will lead to smoother and less last second completions.
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