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April 1, 2021 Update Notes

yavieydev#1767 yavieydev Posts: 187 Community Manager


  • Closed Alpha players that log in should now be granted their Rotwarden Creature Skin.
    • Previous Closed Alpha players can find it for free under "Classes and Packs" in the store.
      • Equipping the skin:
        • Go to your Library Tab.
        • Add the Greenwarden to your Deck.
        • Select the Greenwarden and click “Cosmetic” to change the skin.
  • All players will receive 4,225 Battlepass XP upon logging in. This is the equivalent of one Weekly quest and a full weeks' worth of Daily Quests in Battlepass experience.
  • Localization fixes in various places for German & French languages.
  • Double Unrefined Aether Event starts at 7:00 AM today (April 1st) to April 5th, at 10:00 AM.


  • General:
    • Doubled Spell Unlock drop frequency to be double what it previously was.
    • Adjusted Master Difficulty experience reward to the correct amount across parties.
    • Purchasing a class from the Zen Store no longer causes the class unlock projects in the Realm to be disabled. The class projects now only disable if you have all five starter classes already unlocked: Sanctifier, Mind Mage, Necromancer, Geomancer, and Beastcaller.
    • Fixed an issue where power and toughness were not correctly being factored into the library for creatures.
    • Fixed an issue where some Planeswalkers accidentally unlocked 3 and 4-color decks.
    • Note: This should fix all accounts affected by the issue.
  • Powers:
    • Fixed an issue where Confused would continually reset its stacks. It should now drop completely before reapplying.
  • Spells:
    • Fixed an issue where the Greenwarden's activated ability caused the Planeswalker to get higher stats than originally intended.
    • Note: This should resolve the issue where multiple other spells were also causing the same issue.
  • Equipment:
    • Equipment triggers related to class abilities no longer trigger while using a Spark Power.
      • Note: This should fix some server and client stalls.
    • Nemesis Mask
      • Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in decreased server performance.
  • Store:
    • Battlepass:
      • The Dimir Assassin Class Pack has been added to the level 50 free track on the Battlepass, replacing the Chromatic Mana and Eternal Echoes pack.
        • Level 50 Free Track Rewards:
          • Dimir Assassin
        • Nightveil Stalker Spell
        • Dimir Assassin Costume
      • Fixed an issue that would prevent some Planeswalkers from receiving a Battlepass Daily mission.
  • Planeswalker Classes:
    • Dimir Assassin:
      • Dark Reverberations
        • Forty Blinks and Blink Strike now have a 1 second cooldown during Dark Reverberations.
          • Note: This should prevent a client crash during mass rapid activations.
        • Forty Blinks:
          • Damage has been normalized and rebalanced with respect to the new cooldown and other spark powers.
    • Sanctifier:
      • Torrent of Radiance
        • Damage has been slightly reduced to be more in-line with other classes' Spark Powers.
      • Angelic Descent:
        • Duration has been reduced. 
    • Geomancer:
      • Obsidian Morph:
        • Obsidian Fist:
          • Damage increased.
        • Catalysm :
          • Damage increased.
    • Beastcaller:
      • Beastial Fury:
        • Duration increased.


  • Mythic Encounters:
    • Fixed an issue where Mythic Encounters had a chance to despawn immediately after being engaged
  • Realm:
    • Aether Rush has been disabled for the following:
      • Mystical Study
      • Arcane Workshop
      • Mana Vault
    • Fixed an issue where some Planeswalkers couldn't complete the objective on their return to their Realm.
  • Gavony:
    • Gavony Regional Reputation:
      • Fixed an issue where the "Echo of the Lich Knight was not counting towards the "Defeat Josu Vess" Gavony Regional Reputation daily.
  • Shiv:
    • Shiv Regional Reputation:
      • Fixed an issue where "Excho of Shiv" was not counting towards the "Defeat Kyashatar" Shiv Regional Reputation daily.
      • Fixed an issue where "Echo of the Oppressor" was not counting towards the "Defeat Gavon Deniz" Shiv Regional Reputation daily.
  • Tazeem:
    • Tazeem Regional Reputation Daily:
      • Fixed an issue where "Complete Surface Tensions" was not properly granting credit.
    • Tazeem Ordeal 2: Surface Tensions
      • Fixed a bug that allowed Planeswalkers to skip the boss rush timer.
  • Sanctum:
    • Sanctum icon now uses Dominaria map icon.
  • Tolaria:
    • Tolaria Regional Reputation Daily:
      • "Complete Thermo" now properly states "Complete Dreadnaught Defense".
    • Tolaria Story 1 - The Forbidden Vaults:
      • Fixed an issue where creatures would continually spawn inside the vault.
      • Note: This should also fix a potential server stall in this region.
    • Fixed an issue where more elite encounters were spawning than intended.


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