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  • Very few people from Cryptic staff look at the Forums. Your best bet is to try to grab the attention of one of the Devs on the Discord channel (which is apparently way cooler than a clunky old forum).
  • Holiday event should start around the middle of Decemeber, which is fine by me.
  • Yes, well, if you want to influence the devs you need to use Discord when they are on. They don't pay much attention to the forums and very very rarely respond to anything here. That's just the way they operate. Nothing anyone here can do about it.
  • Um, how about fixing the typo where Lightning Surge Aura is Lightning Sure Aura?
  • Thanks guys. TC is also on the list of possible stuns. It's just one I use a fair amount (like DK) so trying to remember if there is another quick AoE stun I can employ. I had not thought of Blender on SC. I will give it a try when I take SC out for a "spin" ;). I've been playing long enough that I don't worry about top of…
  • All I want for Chrismahannasolstikwanzaka is an updated Hero Creator, please ma'am ;)
  • I thought you were asking for other people's thoughts on your builds? If you are happy with ideas from Criswolf, that's fine, but you shouldn't bad mouth Flow who spends a lot of time helping people here. He's the single most helpful person postng on the forums, even if he really doesn't play much anymore. We would all be…
  • The sale runs a week. How long does it take to get money ready? If you pay with a credit card it's instant and you don't pay until later. Personally, I just budget money aside so that I can tap it when I need it for the now all-to-rare CO sales we seem to have. If money is an issue, you might start planning now to have…
  • They probably don't do that because they hope people will spend money before the sale. If people know that there is a sale right around the corner they might not spend any money at all before that. Might hurt the CO bottem line a little bit. What I do find strange is that the Forum notes never mention sales. You have to go…
  • Mine is similar to Flow's. Take out what you want for the hand canon. I use the device to give me a ranged opener when I am soloing things. Handles Cosmics, TA, solo QWZ, Eido just fine. Apostle 3 - Freeform (Tank) v3.45:38 Super Stats Level 6: Constitution (Primary) Level 10: Recovery (Secondary) Level 15: Intelligence…
  • Here's hoping that a fix for this is in the works.
  • And, more important, a Zen store wide sale https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/champions-online/news/detail/11531313-black-friday-sales%21
  • If you are willing to recolor and imagine the poison powers as fire powers this might work. Pestilence boosts bleed and posion powers. Hydra and Fury of the Dragon are not super great powers, but thought you might want them for the theme. (Unnamed Build) - Freeform (Any / Multiple) v3.45:38 Super Stats Level 6: Dexterity…
  • ... and this patterns tells us that the devs just don't care enough about this issue to do anything about it.
  • I guess. The only time I find them at all useful is to take heat of an not fully geared lvl 40 healer. The rest of the time it feels like they are more in the way than anything else. The cause problems or die quickly at cosmics and wander off and attack things in the QWZ that I don't want attacked.
  • Don't they want people to buy Zen ino order to buy Q in order to get suff off the TPB? Arguing against that is arguing aginst part of the way they have decided to monetize the game for now. Can't say that I see that as being a persuasive argument to the devs to change the statu quo.
  • Wait, the devs listen to anyone, ever?
  • If you ever pick up Eye Beam to complete the slot triumverate (Head-Chest-Hand) you may have energy issues. As long as you stay to only 2 slots you will be okay.
  • At least it's not Nighthawk ;)
  • I guess, given how bad the sidekick AI is, I don't understand the attraction of sidekicks. They usually aren't all that useful in combat. Is it just that players want more dress up/costuming options? Is it a hope that if they can wheedle the devs into giving them sidekick costume options now that sometime, 10 years out,…
  • Forogt that adding the remaining needed mods to the various vendors would be a nice treat. E.g. The Right Eye of the Sapphire Dragon (Electricty) to the gcr/scr vendor and a Slashing aggo mod to the Q store.
  • Probably for the same reason there is only one bite power in beastial?
  • If energy is an issue, Swap Rec for Con, drop Particle Smash and a rank from LnL and take Invulnerability r3 for when you need to be tough.
  • Since Musk is too busy with Twitter that ain't happening.
  • Just curious. What languages does he speak, and does it say what languages he reads but does not speak (probably his Sumerian would sound barbaric, at least to an inhabitant of Uruk around 3,000 BCE :) )?
  • I wonder if we'll get a truly epic Zen store sale for Cyber Monday? It would also be epic to get OSV currency back on PTS.
  • Why does Dr. Destroyer not speak with a German accent in-game? Seems like he should. He's Albert Zerstoiten, after all. I always find these kind of statements online troublesome since there is no way of verifying it one way or the other. It could well be true, but there's no way to know for sure. Wish we could move beyond…
  • Probably why that happened is that the Alert was cycling to something else. E.g. going from Bank Robbery to Night at the Mall. Nothing to do about that but live with it.
  • Yes. See this discussion. Sure to happen soon! https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/championsonline/#/discussion/1217595/king-tuts-100th-anniversary
  • I don't think she is planning to add these in :( https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/championsonline/#/discussion/1206668/herocreator-a-descendant-of-the-powerhouse/p10
  • Another possibilility, related to Flow's idea, would be to take Will-o'-the-Wisp instead of PoP and then also take Life Essence.
  • Curse is cool. They could have a contest for players to design a new look for the Living Sphinx. Player contest with prizes, new alert villain, new costume piece with lockbox. It's all come together now. And still 2 weeks in which to implement it. Plenty of time!
  • Hmm, there's nothing that really leaps out at me from the image that screams either Sphinx or Egypt. Maybe dress it up a little more with some pieces from the Egyptian and Dr. Ka sets to make it more region and period specific?
  • This is one I am leveling. Backhand Chop is so I can interrupt dogs at kiga. If you don't plan to do that, you can swap in whatever you want. Alien Gun Slinger 1 - Freeform (Tank) v3.45:38 Super Stats Level 6: Strength (Primary) Level 10: Constitution (Secondary) Level 15: Dexterity (Secondary) Talents Level 1: The Hero…
  • To make it more useful in situations where you are not going to OT I'd go for a dual passive build, something like this, so you can do better dps. The game is rather deceptive while leveling. The content is pretty easy, and so you will feel like your dps is good as a hybrid w/ a defensive passive, but then you might show…
  • Not going to happen because of the same reasons we can't recolor vehicles to match our costumes.
  • I took "new" to mean something that had not been available through Dewomer this year.
  • The Ghostbunter backpiece. See the OP.
  • Mark your calendars now. Should be a Blood Mon Oct. 28-29 in 2023. No surprises next year. https://www.space.com/blood-moon-lunar-eclipse-may-2022-guide#:~:text=The%20first%20will%20be%20May,a%20partial%20eclipse%20on%20Oct.
  • Imperium is the store, but you only see it if you have succeeded on Eido once. Don't get you hopes up though. It's really more of a pity store than anything else (the devs decided you should expect get get what you want from drops, not from currency). Everything costs 500 scr + 250 gct + 100 or 50 QE currency. Yes, you…
  • Hmm, I haven't crashed once over the course of the event.
  • No moth torso in the PTS when I checked yesterday. Can they pull off a miracle and do it over night?
  • Yes, this is very strange. In the past this was a 3 week event. Is it going to be 4 weeks going forward? This would have been nice to know in advance. Many people have been grinding like crazy (not me) the last couple weeks because everyone thought it was going to be the usual 3 weeks and now they are burned out.…
  • But, just think of the absurdly glorious scores the devs give you for Red Winter! As Thanos would say, everything is perfectly balanced.
  • Just a note that your personal Bionic Shielding will be relatively weak and might negate efforts of healers in group content from applying a stronger form of it to you. You might go with Protection Field or Mindful Reinforcement if having a kind of forcefield is important to the concept. Or, just use Conviction (or…
  • Torso will be released as a 400 currency piece *after* the event is over and you've spent all your event currency ;). Remember the tako throne of a few years back?
  • In the meantime, you can break free of the shackles of TK builds and go all out on those cosmic worthy tanks and healers you've been dying to try ;)
  • I've never found the break free aspect of AOs useful, so never use them. I use IE and SD since they benefit from Targeting Computer. Since the new owners took over, sales are very rare anymore (used to have them something like every couple weeks). However, sales on Catalysts do happen, but never at 50% anymore. Only 20%.…
  • Did you get the new Atomic Strike device? The devs seem to be falling in love with Power Replacer devices (instead of focusing on power set revamps) but I don't know if those are things you want to or can include.
  • If it were me, I'd drop Intensity (since AOs dont help all that much anymore) and take Pestilence instead. I'd drop the ranks in Corrosive Pit and put them in Pestilence. Pestilence will boost both your Slashing and Toxic damage. That will give you the option to do much more damage (in melee role). If you are only running…