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FC.31.20210201.33- Midnight Depths Chapter 2

kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,772 Cryptic Developer
edited March 2021 in PTS - The Archive
War on Peace Open Mission
  • Fixed an issue with the damage scaling of the Lemurian Ritualist's Hex ability.
  • Krax now has access to the Aura of Radiant Protection ability.
  • Minor adjustments to the amount of enemies in the open mission.
  • Added Lemurian Sparks device as a possible drop.
  • Added respawn point nearby the open mission.

Midnight Depths
  • Added next mission, contact Ladyhawke to get it. You must have completed the previous mission to access it.

  • Added contents of the Spy Lockbox to the Collector's store.

  • New Mission: Rewards the Blast Armor costume
  • Added Blast Bracers to event store.
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  • wizeman#6286 wizeman Posts: 61 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    [*] Fixed an issue with the damage scaling of the Lemurian Ritualist's Hex ability.
    "[19:11] Bleak Ritualist deals 32320 (79959) Magic Damage to you with Hex of Suffering."

    ...I don't think that's fixed yet.

    Tried a few more times and it's the initial hit of that move that keeps one-shotting me.

    Elemental Sorcerer's Lightning Storm is dealing its increased HP damage to my pets even though they don't have energy, don't know if it has the same effect on NPCs. And, mentioning again, in general it is incredibly hard to defend against with its block-breaking knock.

    Ka'fel didn't disappear after a failed attempt so was able to test his Hex of suffering:
    "Ka'fel deals 58901 (68711) Magic Damage to you with Hex of Suffering." ...initial hit.
    "Ka'fel deals 4194 (7914) Magic Damage to you with Hex of Suffering." ...which was the DoT portion, somehow not all of my team was damaged by the initial hit.
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  • theravenforcetheravenforce Posts: 6,851 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    For something that requires completing an Open Mission, I think this is way overtuned. The current numbers and amount of enemies that spawn for not only something that is previously run solo/ is soloable (The entire serial missions for Death Rattle, Serene Abyss & Midnight Depths so far)...seems incredibly off.

    I think the updated War On Peace OM aside from the insane damage, mobs coming too fast and unique effects and attacks from mobs has a few more issues:

    - NPC MCPD officers around Krax and Eversole are LEVEL 14 and have 471 HP.
    - They also have difficulty attacking mobs and behave like confused pets.

    Part of me wants to suggest "pausing the OM update / revamp until later" because I don't think progressing through the serial missions with the random and sudden requirement to complete a previously soloable OM which has turned into "Nightmare in Sakura Park" is a great motivator?

    Also Nighthawk mobs are in the area as well, which adds to the annoyance. - Can these guys be moved higher in the map? Like to the overpass areas or rooftops? Just out of the way of the OM.

    In fact, any extra mobs in the area need to be perma moved, since the requirement to do this OM won't change in future, so should always be clear.

    I think Krax and Eversole and the troops, need at least a HP boost, because right now it's just confusion.

    I'd hate to bring a healer to this OM, but I probably will end up bringing one when I need to complete the content for it.

    Bottom line, at present, this feels worse than DRA, and DRA typically has a good amount of the zone ready to take it on.

    If this is what War on Peace is meant to be then, the mission requirement should be 20+ players...not "3".

    Krax's AoRP needs to be at least as strong as QWZ Elder Worms AoRP, at present it doesn't seem that strong?

    Wish I had more time to test this properly, cause first impression isn't a good one sadly.
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  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 640 Arc User
    Not to speak on the problems that are still on live server, the serial is a mess, several of my chars can't progress due to the missions not show up, Ladyhawk has only repeatable one while the one leading to Dr. Ka not shows up at some characters after several days already. And when you keep changing the requirements for this it gets only more mess. What was so hard just making this similar to Aftershock or Whiteout to progress?

    Why make things more complicated as they need to be? I understand revamping things but this difficulty obsession you guys lately have is out of hand, for what? Selling Catalysts for Rank 9 Mods because that is the standard now? **** Casuals on an already low player base?

    I tell you this personally Kaiserin, without insulting you but everything you say and write by now I stop believing in by now, you and others are just like any other company making promises and or ignoring feedback. Why even sue the Forum at all? You not even seem to send system message anymore when the server goes down for maintenance, but the Lockboxes are still more important to show in your face even in instances.

    I want to believe you try your best and that you are nice, same for others, but actions have shown more than words lately. I love this game, but I am getting tired of how every game I love de-evolves in such directions lately. Tell me ONE reason as example why remove subs on people, options are always better than trying to force people to buy a lifetime instead. But then company is greedy and want big money fast and not small over time even if it would be bigger over time.

    See this as feedback, insult, whatever, I am done keeping quiet and not say what is on my mind lately, this is my opinion on all by now. I will and try to respect work in this, but I not respect choices that seemingly go against everything people want.
  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,530 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    So I figured I'd give "War On Peace" a try with Aes, who is specifically built to take on annoying small team content like this by herself without much trouble. Died twice before getting to the final wave which was...unexpected. These mobs are stronger than things in the QWZ, and certainly way stronger than anything marked as 3 player content. The last boss literally impossible to solo because he spawns infinite trash and something somewhere heals him.

    I highly highly highly suggest that this be toned way down. They don't need to sap your energy every few seconds, the boss doesn't need to spawn infinite adds (one of which presumably heals him), and none of these things need to be hitting as hard as they do.

    Not everything newly added to this game needs to be a ball buster, especially not when the rest of the content appears to be targeted at more casual 1-3 player groups.


    So yeah, it definitely should not go live like this. In the end, I had to disengage and fly away from the boss and his spawns because him and I were just going to sit there, trading blows endlessly with one another other. I'd knock his health bar down to about 1/3 of the first chunk before it'd shoot right back to full again. Yaay.
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  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,929 Arc User
    For something that requires completing an Open Mission, I think this is way overtuned. The current numbers and amount of enemies that spawn for not only something that is previously run solo/ is soloable (The entire serial missions for Death Rattle, Serene Abyss & Midnight Depths so far)...seems incredibly off.

    Pretty much this. Let's think a bit about these Ladyhawke and Dr. Ka missions arcs.

    1. They are annoying to access because of the initial 24 hour wait period for subsequent missions in the chains and the traveling around needed for turning in missions to the contacts. Ladyhawke and Dr. Ka are apparently not important enough to have radios like PRIMUS silver agents do.

    2. Turning in missions is more mindless running around.

    3. Most of the missions prior to the revamped OM are very easy to solo. The only one that is at all tricky is the Talisman mission but it is doable one the gimmicks are figured out. Really, the only good aspect of the rewards is that once you've made it through all the missions in the first two arcs once it becomes an easy way to farm SCR.

    4. The mods that drop are fairly pointless and the Talisman costume pieces are really nothing to write home about.

    5. Then BOOM suddenly in order to progress in the mission chain one needs a team to do an OM?

    I'm guessing that a few people will do the OM in order to get a costume piece and then stop. SOme will continue on in order to complete the mission chain. I wager that some people do the first Ladyhawke mission in the chain and then give up due to the clunky delay period and trying to locate contacts. Probably a few people do the two chains once, just to say they have done it. I ran it multiple times ONLY because I wanted the aggro boosting mods for my sorcery tank. You can tell how few people do these missions because you almost never see the mods or costume drops in the AH.

    It saddens me that so much work is likely going into something that most players will likely only do once, if they get through it at all. We need more content that is easy to access and has a uniform difficulty level.
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  • stairs0stairs0 Posts: 75 Arc User
    Everyone's post: >I never do this OM, it's at a weird spot, never cared for it never would complete it
    >Also everyone's post: the revamp is making it harder, I cannot complete it now

    If you never cared for it then you can keep not caring for it. Give us some content that is difficult for casuals or soloers, so we can actually end up using all those cool stuff we grinded for. If you never did war on peace before and want more soloable/easy casual content, 99.999% of this game is already that...
  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,629 Arc User
    Imagine thinking this is good Endgame Content​​
    POWERFRAME REVAMPS, NEW POWERS and BUG FIXES > Recycled Content and Events and even costumes at this point
    Introvert guy who use CO to make his characters playable and get experimental with Viable FF Theme builds! Running out of Unique FF builds due to the lack of updates and synergies
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  • jackieboy#3897 jackieboy Posts: 46 Arc User
    Who ever said this was end game content?
  • panthrax77panthrax77 Posts: 306 Arc User
    I have been perfectly happy with serial content up to this point (minus the daily cooldown, which has been addressed for repeated missions at least).

    By problem is entirely with this OM. If it were by itself, it would be mostly fine (if a bit annoying as an escort OM). But people running these serial missions aren't doing it on their strongest characters. These have been soloable missions with character based rewards. This is both a massive difficulty spike and burden on group-finding (which is hard enough as it is). Few people are going to want to repeat something this frustrating, meaning finding groups is going to be even harder. If any character bound content is released after this serial, it will be far less accessible to players and characters who don't/can't handle this.

    I love the idea of this OM finally getting some attention, but this is not the to do it. This needs major adjustments.
  • jamesbonnelljamesbonnell Posts: 169 Arc User
    Change the OM and make it really hard? Okay weird flex but okay. I'm fine with "hard content".

    THEN make it the next mission in the otherwise soloable serial story? I guess *maybe* for the last one... maybe... I haven't tried it yet but ... put me squarely in the "well, this will be a big roadblock to running the third story for more than one... or even just one... character".
  • avianosavianos Posts: 5,629 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    Lighting Storm can
    1. Drain your Energy to Zero
    2. Break/Disable your Block when your energy is Zero (something even the original energy drain from those huge Lemurian Constructs can do)
    3. Deals massive additional damage on you for having Zero energy (and killing off Pets/sidekicks)
    4. Innate Knock! Which can knock you down while blocking as well
    5. It's an AoE
    6. It follows you around meaning you can't avoid it and Grief and Troll fellow players
    7. It has no Warning when you DON'T facing the target! Actually it has no warning at all! A Wireframe Warning would be nice
    8. The enemy is paired with 2 villain rank lemurians, where one enemy can use Crowd Control on you

    Congratulations, you have created a Monster! What the hell? A regular Rank 3 Hechman is more dangerous than the Boss
    This is extremely unfair and unbalanced against the players! It has all effects to counter player in one pack

    So I'm pretty sure the Block Disable was never intentional and it's an artifcat taken from the Lemurian Constructs

    1. Fix the Block Break from the energy drain (
    2. Give the power a WIREFRAME WARNING, not everyone will react to those enemies when they are busy facing others or the Boss! The Warnings of targeting enemies are really outdated

    Honestly, use more wireframe warnings for dangerous AoEs
    3.Fix the issue the knock down ignores the blocking resistance

    Second issue with this OM! Ka'fel heals too much with his Healing rune and via Illumination HoT
    This was capture with the Illumination effect but same Regen results happen with his healing rune!
    A 5-man team with low DPS output is going to have huge issues with this
    and people who say get him off the Circle... you can't

    I was tanking him myself in a group of 4-6 people and noticing his rabid recovery
    There is no enemies around him to heal him with Life Essence, its important to mention this again​​
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    POWERFRAME REVAMPS, NEW POWERS and BUG FIXES > Recycled Content and Events and even costumes at this point
    Introvert guy who use CO to make his characters playable and get experimental with Viable FF Theme builds! Running out of Unique FF builds due to the lack of updates and synergies
    Playing since 1 February 2011 90+ Characters (7 ATs, 83 FFs) ALTitis for Life!
  • ansemthedarkansemthedark Posts: 640 Arc User
    And those dots and debuffs stacking, kill you faster than you can heal even if blocking all day, if not any of the other stuff kills you that you can't react to. Did someone of your devs test this at all themselves? Or Is the same masochist? Guess Kaiserin stays true to her Schadenfreude name, do you?

    Honestly if you want to force players to buy this dumb catalyst and get rank 9 mods or gamble for them in lockboxes, congrats, you are worse than EA level of such by now. "Adjusting" content in such negative ways is the new way it seems to you, but HEY it is you guys, I am not surprised, after all you moved once farmable and drop able costumes to some vendor instead having BOTH as option you increased the grind, not to speak of the prices for some and if they drop the low drop rate.

    Kaiserin and the other devs are clearly so anti gamer sorry, prove me wrong, you not program for the game but to increase grind and lockbox opening, like when they were whole sets you can get with the first boxes. But also changed to single parts to make the box look bigger, on top of a costume lockbox in a lockbox, double the gamble.

    Stop this madness already for god's sake. I am honest, I am Lifetime but by now I rather see this game closed then it's continuing this path, so much potential wasted. STO and NWO are more important due to IP names. And instead of getting the chance to become popular again especially after Marvels Avengers failure or DC Online not as much player and when City of Heroes also got closed, a genre that is in need of attention, you sit there and do nothing except such content that wastes everybody's times.

    PTS barely gets attention from feedback, and you release it anyway as you want, events get released with bugs that hinder progress of already daily grind. PTS at best gets ONE day feedback before update, why does it even exist then if you not use it like 2 weeks in advance or more for such? People clearly want to help and send feedback, but you ignore and refuse this help seemingly.

    Just for once give us at least ONE clear answer to what the situation is with this game. How many work on it and how much attention it even gets from the owners now, what money flows in it to maintenance it? For god's sake, again we not even have a proper wiki with all this stuff scattered around because not even that you supported.
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