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Where do I pickup these new missions?

Sorry for the "noob" question but I played he first 2(or 3, can't remember for sure) of the Death Rattle missions then haven't played for a bit. Now I want to pick up where I left off but don't know who to get the missions from (the NPC that was in front of Defender is gone). Also, where do I start the newest series that came after Death Rattle?

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  • mordray001mordray001 Posts: 218 Arc User
    Ladyhawke got moved to the ravenwood academy near the jet. You have to finish Death Rattle before you can start the next set of missions.
  • flyingfinnflyingfinn Posts: 8,383 Arc User
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    neveeeer miiind...
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  • aesicaaesica Posts: 2,530 Arc User
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    The devs really should consider adding Ladyhawke/Dr Ka to the remote contact/socrates button on the minimap. I'm a few episodes behind and haven't bothered since I have no [pottymouth word here]ing idea where Dr Ka is located. Not by Ladyhawke at Ravenwood, not in the lab you frequently visit during the chain...who knows?

    Cool new quest content is meaningless if the players have trouble finding the contacts for it.
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  • jaazaniah1jaazaniah1 Posts: 4,913 Arc User
    He's at the front of the fusion building. But yes, having the contacts scattered all over creation is not user friendly.
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  • spinnytopspinnytop Posts: 16,450 Arc User
    They should put more stuff at Ravenswood. Make it some sort of hub so it makes sense to have Hawk lady there.
  • pal19pal19 Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    how and where exactly do you get the last part?

    I've juse finished the museum mission, the one you get from the radio/box.
    No version of dr. Ka I've spoken with will give me the mission.
    only one the renaissance center one gives me is the repeatable of the first one, from the shadows.
  • galactickirigalactickiri Posts: 91 Arc User
    aesica wrote: »
    I'm a few episodes behind and haven't bothered since I have no [pottymouth word here]ing idea where Dr Ka is located.

    Dr. Ka is in the mods building, close to Silverback. I just found that out myself.

  • mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Posts: 499 Arc User
    Yeah, Ladyhawke is at Ravenswood now. Ka is in Mods and Fusion, but for the third mission you need to go stand near Irwin and look for (I think) the 'emergency broadcast' option to click on.

    Terribly set up. I agree that adding them to Socrates would help, but they should open a building at Ravenswood for more of this sort of thing.
    Not just this, and whatever contacts we might get for when they finally finish this story off*, but for future serials and other things that they might wish to add.

    *It was presented as a story in four parts, but the first four parts didn't make up a complete story, and then the second serial didn't even finish up what the first serial started, so now we are looking at what is probably going to end up being 12 installments.

    And the story is not necessarily any better than it would have been had it just been a little four-part story about the Cobra Lords trying to get their hands on some dangerous super-tech and then there being a separate four-part, or even 8-part story about Lemurians and some succession dispute or trying to unleash some ancient elder god or whatever.

    And no Vampires needed at all. What a weird detour just to fill up space.
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