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Cosmic Tanking - Primary Defense Gear, which mods?

monsterdaddymonsterdaddy Posts: 733 Arc User
Been reading that 17K HP is recommended. I'd like to use STR as PSS so what are the recommended mods for Primary Defense? Growth for the HP?


  • shadowolf505shadowolf505 Posts: 642 Arc User
    You can use Growth or Impact. I use Impact in mine but a few others use Growth. Depends on what you like.
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  • warcanchwarcanch Posts: 643 Arc User
    Hmm. My tanks range from 14k to 16k(and change) HP.

    The 15k on up ones have all solo tanked Dino and Eidolon (with the usual assortment of players, of course).

    The lower HP tanks are usually designed to Off tank and therefore Soak tank. When they are forced to Main tank, then some good assorted healing and auras allow them to do the job.

    All that is to say that I've seen 20k HP tanks go down quick if they don't have a decent support group or power set/specs. So, don't just concentrate on one aspect of your tank.​​

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  • pantagruel01pantagruel01 Posts: 6,285 Arc User
    edited May 13
    You can solo tank any cosmic with around 14k hp, it's just that more hp = more room for error. In general growth mods give a larger bonus in eHP (effective hp -- hp as adjusted for defenses) but impact mods help with effective healing rate as well. Cosmics usually have massive surplus healing so growth is more valuable, but in lower end content defense may be preferable.
  • monsterdaddymonsterdaddy Posts: 733 Arc User
    Thanks everyone! Seems the thinking has shifted towards HP in raids. Guess I can start ranking up all those growth mods I stashed away LOL!
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