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Teleios and superpowers?

I am creating the background story of an anthromorphic raptor, and I was wondering if Teleios can grant superpowers to heroes/villains if paid a lot of money. Is that possible in the game lore?
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  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,102 Arc User
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    It's not only possible, it's been done. The hero Flashover, a member of the famed Justice Squadron superhero team, sought out Teleios for the power to gain revenge on the Squadron for the death of her father, the first Flashover. He gave her fire powers like her father, but she wasn't truly a villain at heart, eventually reforming and joining the Squadron. But her brother considered that a betrayal of their family, and also asked Teleios to empower him so he could punish both the Justice Squadron and his sister. Teleios chose to give him wind powers, and he's now the supervillain Hurricane. Teleios also bestowed control over wind and water on an Indian woman with whom he had a dalliance, thus creating the super-criminal Monsoon.

    These and many other precedents imply that Teleios can grant almost any super power to any human. A major portion of his income comes from selling his services to villains, but he's also empowered people in exchange for unspecified "favors," as he did for Flashover; or even on a whim, as in the case of Monsoon.
  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,102 Arc User
    edited June 2018 Accepted Answer
    I'll just add that Teleios has never been described as granting super powers to someone with the stated intention of becoming a hero. That would seem to be counter-productive, producing a do-gooder who might pose a threat to him in future. Moreover, Teleios is a wanted criminal and known threat to world security, so just dealing with him would be a crime. Not to mention amounting to a deal with the devil, with all the negatives that implies.

    OTOH Teleios has created a completely artificial super, even to the point of implanted false memories, who believes herself to be a hero: the media star known as the Teen Dream. (See Teen Champions for her write-up.) But she's unknowingly under Teleios's control and serves his purpose. Teleios has displayed various tactics to protect himself against superhumans of his creation: implanting psychological commands making them loyal to him, and/or incapable of harming him; maintaining secret telepathic monitoring of their activities; or giving them exploitable vulnerabilities to particular substances or forces. It's a safe bet any self-proclaimed hero Teleios agreed to empower would have one or more of those features built in, and would actually be serving his hidden agenda.

    Then again, another of his artificial supers, Starflare, now a member of the Crimelords team (Champions Villains Vol. 2: Villain Teams) was able to overcome his loyalty programming for unknown reasons, so Teleios isn't infallible.
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  • bulgarexbulgarex Posts: 2,102 Arc User
    A couple of other points worth keeping in mind: The above-mentioned Teen Dream believes Teleios is her adoptive father, Brian Speers, thanks to her implanted memories. Teleios also has access to or outright control of various research laboratories, environmental groups, and other organizations related to his fields of interest. Thus it's possible that someone could become involved in an experimental project to gain super powers, with no knowledge that it's actually a front for the Perfect Man.
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