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Most Strongest Heal Power in-game? (& Passive)

crynetingcryneting Posts: 2,475 Arc User
Title says it all


  • deadman20deadman20 Posts: 1,528 Arc User
    Iniquity is the fastest and most powerful targeted heal. A single tap and your friend is good to go. Alternatively, Lifetap or Lifedrain/Mind Drain with their advantages are great for healing allies near you when you build Iniquity for single-target. Combining Iniquity and the life-siphoning abilities mentioned in a single build is very handy for making sure you can heal a majority of people in a Cosmic.

    Medical Nanites stands as the best passive to provide additional Healing with on its own, but Seraphim/Hearth allows the user to gain additional healing strength. AoPM does this as well in a roundabout way via Presence boosting, and is the most popular aura option due to its versatile All-stats boost. For raw defense and ensuring others don't flop the moment something looks at them, AoRP is the best. In any case, they're all great in their own way. It just depends on how you view the term "strongest".

    TL:DR - Iniquity is the best raw heal power and life-siphoning powers are great to have alongside it for AoE purposes. All Support Passives are situational.​​
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  • hasukurobihasukurobi Posts: 405 Arc User
    Medical Nanites + the Sentinel and Sentry (I think is the other one) Specialization tree is great for healing and defenses. Especially if you pack in Inertial Dampeners. Arcane Vitality is a good heal also that does not require you lose life or gain additional aggro through attacking. However it is not as strong.
  • crynetingcryneting Posts: 2,475 Arc User
    Sweet thanks guys!

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