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Ideas for High Noon 2018

Here's a thread for us to share some ideas for High Noon 2018.

While the Gunslinger is a nice AT, it doesn't visually fit the theme of an old Western kind of gunslinger. Most of the attacks such as Two Gun Mojo, Lead Tempest, Bullet Beatdown, Holdout Shot, and the dual SMG attack are more reminiscent of something out of Equilibrium. Spins, rolls, flips, and cartwheels aren't what you think of when the Old West comes to mind, so if we recycled some existing powers in CO we could create something closer to the theme.

The Westerado

Steady Shot, Composure or Defiance, Sharp Shooter, Killer Instinct, Lock N' Load, and Unbreakable would all be fitting, while new powers could be something like:

Dance Fool, Dance! This power fits the theme of a gunslinger perfectly, yet sadly it's only available to enemies at the moment. You briefly hold a duel pose then fire at the opponent's feet causing a Root. It could be a short charge power useful to hold enemies at a distance while you shoot at them from afar.

I Aim With My Eye We could recycle the single pistol charge shot that Primus soldiers use as an attack similar to Sniper Rifle, this one could be shorter range but have a 100% chance to knockdown instead of a stun.

Primus soldiers also have a hip fire multiple shot animation and a standing arm-extended multiple shot animation similar to Gunslingers Legacy, (but has less recoil and fires a laser) either of these could be a Maintain equivalent to Two Gun Mojo.

One complaint I have with a change to Shotgun is that it used to be a tap with the option to have Breaching Rounds knock an enemy who got too close, unfortunately now that it's a charge instead you can be incapacitated in the time it takes you to fully charge the shot. This AT could use something like an old saloon brawl-style punch that would knock enemies away if your health were low and a stray villain got all up in your grill. Or even if you recycled the charge kick power from Might, it would provide a useful method of getting away from an enemy quickly if you didn't have any form of a placate.

Maybe the bottle throw animation could be reworked to be Holy Water to do magic/dimensional damage, or Molotov to do fire damage. Advantage points for the pistol powers could be something like Silver Bullets or something else so that you had the option not to do strictly Munition damage. Freeform users could select a few of these powers to suit their supernatural-themed heroes. How about a power that functions similar to Strafing Run; you aim the circle where you want, then activating the attack would be an animation where you press a plunger down into a box to detonate dynamite and blast enemies in all directions. Or even just an attack where you throw a stick of TNT similar to Frag Grenade. (could even use the round bomb that the Mecha Soldiers have?)

A Sarsaparilla device could use the drinking animation and give you a health boost.

New costume pieces: Sombrero, Poncho (the upper half could either be short sleeves or no sleeves while the bottom half could be similar to the Skirt Slit clothing piece), how about a face similar to the Zombie in that there's teeth showing, but instead of cheeks with torn skin, we could have a Metal Tooth with the option to color it (like a gold tooth). Guitar Case weapon skin for the Minigun (for your mariachi homage), Tumbleweed aura.


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